Examination mal-practice is dangerous to the survival of a nation. It needs no definition since we all know it. Only a moron, who is also afflicted with acute insanity, can claim not to know what constitutes examination mal-practice.

Do you know why it is natural to know that examination mal-practice is a cheat? It is because our Creator did not only create us, He programmed us in such a way that we can distinguish right from wrong, right from left, and good from bad.

Examination mal-practice distances us from our creator. Whoever makes it a habit is already on a dangerous path that is only trod by useless people who hate their Creator.

To this people, not to cheat in exam is like being tasked to move a mountain. Cheating is one of the simplest things which our Creator instructs us to avoid. But hatred for Him (our Creator) makes cheating very difficult for some people to avoid. On the other hand, love for our Creator makes some people vanguards of justice who promote justice and wage war against examination mal-practice and all forms of cheating (injustice).

Examination mal-practitioners are enemies of God. It should be noted that Satan is behind every ‘success’ attained through cheating and cutting corners. Whoever makes cheating a way of life and thinks s/he can never succeed except by means of it, has really declared that God does not worth their obedience. Examination mal-practitioners are in this ugly category. Nobody engages in mal-practice and at the same time conscious of their Creator.

Have you ever aided and abetted examination mal-practice or cut corners in some of your dealings? Then you are a criminal! But criminals are of different categories; I will mention only two viz. the positive and the negative.

The negative criminals are in the majority. These are the hardened and unrepentant criminals who are destined for Hell. They will not take admonition. For such people—who could be students, teachers, administrators, traders etc.—cheating is mainstreamed in their DNA. Examination mal-practice, treachery and other acts of criminalities have taken roots in their medulla oblongata. As a result, inability to cheat makes them sick. May God protect us from being afflicted with this kind of sickness.

One of the most glaring attributes of those who cheat is their common thinking that they are smarter than God. You may be shocked and want to ask: can anyone think they are smarter than God? Is this not blasphemous?

Okay, let’s put it this way: why do people cheat in exams? They cheat because they hate their Creator. Because they think God cannot grant them success, hence, they choose to hang out with Satan.

They also cheat because they are lazy and hate hardworking; because they sleep a lot which makes them allies to Satan; because they are influenced by evil friends and evil parents; because they are taught by useless teachers who have no iota of integrity; because they do not have time to study hard due to many distractions (smart phones and what they are used for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc.).

In addition, students cheat because, in some cases, cheating has been legitimized by school authorities and even governments. In Christianity or in Islam, cheating is an established sin—a grievous one indeed—that only leads to perdition. It is synonymous with injustice, wrongdoing, unfairness, unreasonableness, iniquity, wickedness, mischievousness, immorality, heinousness, double-dealing, underhandedness, deviousness, dubiousness, dishonesty, and what not.

It should be noted that all the synonyms of cheating mentioned above are ugly characters; they are detestable and repugnant to anyone who is destined to be successful in the Hereafter. Does anyone like to be known for any of the above synonyms or be called by them? That should tell us why we must avoid cheating or jettison it if we are into it.

I categorized criminals into two. I have just addressed the hardened criminals. Let’s now turn to the second category—the positive criminals. They are the repentant criminals. But before then, something needs to be clarified. The saying; “once a criminal is ever a criminal” must be declared as faulty; it is very wrong. It is against common sense and religious teachings. I hope this clarification is clear.

Therefore, repentant criminals are those who had engaged in examination mal-practice but later repented from it. Thus, they are not criminals anymore. In fact, they might be called righteous people.

In view of the above, anyone who sincerely repents from examination mal-practice—and other treacherous acts—has chosen to return to their Creator.  The Qur’an says; “And turn to Allah all of you, O believers! So that you may be successful” (Q24:31). Indeed, there is no success without repentance. Repent from mal-practices and be successful. On the contrary, persist in mal-practices and be doomed.

All said, cheating has serious consequences. Let’s make Nigeria as an example.  The consequences of cheating make Nigeria what it is today. It is the reason why students who had spent 3 years in pre-primary, six years in primary and another six years in secondary school cannot write (to pass) a single subject in WAEC on their own. This is pathetic. Is it not funny that someone who was trained for fifteen years to write WAEC cannot yet pass without being ‘assisted’?

The consequence of cheating is the difficulties we experience everywhere today (especially in Nigeria). Survival is a serious problem. Lives of flies are more secure than those of human. Lives of Nigerians are not sacrosanct anymore because cheating has become our way of life. Nobody trusts anybody. In fact, a person finds it difficult even to trust himself.

We must eschew cheating. Cheaters are deceivers. But they cannot deceive Allah. The Qur’an says: They (think to) deceive Allah and those who believe, while they only deceive themselves, and perceive it not (Q2:9). In a famous hadith, the Prophet (SAW) said: “Whoever cheats us is not among us” (Reported by Muslim). Meaning, not among the righteous but rather among the devilish. May Allah count us among the righteous.



Abdulkadir Salaudeen