EURO 2020 Final: For England, it’s still coming home

English hearts were broken yesterday at the EURO2020 final between England and Italy. England lost the game in a penalty shootout after playing out a 1-1 draw in full time of 90 minutes with a goalless extra time.

The circumstances which led up to the final moments could also be said to have contributed to the great feeling of disappointment for England supporters all over the globe. Expectation was not only high but also optimistic having watched the progress of the England national team up to the final. This final was to be played at Wembley, English soil, so you could imagine the massive support on ground it had.

There were even viral photos before the game, of schools giving students extended time for arrival on Monday morning after possibly watching the game and staying up late for celebrations.

Critisms have come the way of England’s spot kick takers in the likes of Rashford, Sancho and Saka who all failed to convert their penalties to goals. Even more, for the Manchester united duo of Rashford and Sancho who were brought in at extra time specifically for the penalties.

The English team though is taking the loss with some grace, it said in an official post online “Football. It’s not just about trophies, and how we’re still waiting. It’s not about the goals we scored, or the ones we didn’t. It’s about the journeys we’ve taken, from our roots to the top. It’s the friends we’ve made, the people we represent and standing alongside them when times become hard. It’s being together. Football is family. It’s community. It’s unity. It’s home.”

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