Entrepreneurship is for people driven by Passion – Serial Entrepreneur, Tiwalola Olanubi

Serial entrepreneur and media influencer, Tiwalola Olanubi Jnr, in an exclusive interview with The News Chronicle is of the opinion that ‘entrepreneurship is for people who are ready to be mad’. The founder of Dotts Media House, Zarafet Loaves and Trendupp Africa, made this statement during a one-on one Business Interview with TNC.

The 33-year-old CEO, who studied quantity surveying at the University of Lagos, admitted to Jennifer Eziuloh of The News Chronicle that while he never felt particularly passionate about his field of study, surveying, he did discover in his 200-level that his passion and interest tended to lean more toward entertainment. He continued by saying that as he fed his enthusiasm for the art, he started to obtain exposure and opportunities that propelled him to carve out a niche for himself, thereby staying on top in the field. Dotts Media House, the business he created, now employs over 40 people and serves clients from Dubai, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

Even though Olanubi encountered difficulties along the way, his passion for the things he likes to accomplish has kept him going. He added that the dread of being impoverished was yet another issue.

He stated:

“The Passion keeps me going, but the fear of poverty is what drives me the most.” God is the most important aspect, of course, and doing what you want to do keeps you going also.

”Entrepreneurship is only for those who are willing to go “mad.” Not everyone is built for it. It shouldn’t be made simple,”  he said.

Before launching a firm, Mr. Olanubi counsels entrepreneurs to be certain of the route they want to take, be patient, and wait it out.

He concluded by saying that establishing a niche for yourself is crucial since evaluating each business idea for a Unique Selling Point (USP) will promote sustainability.

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