elon musk promote the documentary What is a Woman?

Elon Musk promote the documentary What is a Woman?

Elon Musk promote the documentary What is a Woman?

World’s second wealthiest man and owner of the microblogging platform – Twitter has won the hearts of conservatives and pro-lifers all over the world for promoting the controversial documentary ‘What is a Woman?’ on his platform barely a few hours after the media giant had abandoned a deal to stream it on its widely used platform free of charge.

Lifesite News reported that On June 1, exactly one year after the release of Matt Walsh’s groundbreaking documentary exposing the evil of gender ideology, Daily Wire co-CEO and co-founder Jeremy Boreing announced that Twitter had backed out of a deal to stream and promote the film to the public due to certain scenes containing so-called “misgendering.”

“What Is A Woman?” was labeled as “hateful” and became restricted content on the platform, which has boasted a commitment to free speech since Musk bought it in 2022.

Twitter executives hid the film from the feeds of Daily Wire followers and removed the ability to simply re-tweet posts in which the movie was embedded. Musk responded to the situation amid the chaos, posting that the move to suppress “What Is A Woman?” was “a mistake.” Later, all restrictions were lifted, and the documentary was allowed to be shared freely on the platform.

But Musk did not only enable the film to be restored to Twitter. Instead, he went a step further by actively promoting the movie on his Twitter profile, an act that Catholic podcast host and documentary creator Matt Walsh celebrated as “a huge win.”

In a tweet posted on Thursday night, Musk wrote that “every parent should watch this” above the embedded film, adding that “a child is not capable of consent, which is why we have laws protecting minors.”

This victory over the nauseating censorship came with some consequences as two senior executives quit the company in anger. Good riddance I will say!

It is rather alarming that the liberals tragically control the media and have a better understanding of how the world of finance as well as money works. While conservatives are still stuck in the stone age times of having in most cases a sole monetization model of relying on donations, the liberals appeal to interest and have multiple sources of income including massive advertising. How can you explain that there is now the reality of the advertising duopoly of Google and Facebook which has greatly disrupted the traditional media and sent many media houses packing including many that existed for centuries.

It is high time that conservatives and pro-lifers see this battle from an economic and appeal to personal interest perspective as even the Holy Bible says give a hungry man food first before preaching the Gospel.

Why should conservatives be at the mercy of liberal social media platforms to air their views? Why can’t conservatives come together and establish media behemoths that can give the liberal giants a fierce run for their money? Why must conservatives be contented with being mere mendicants always appealing for donations from the same people who are overwhelmed with the daily challenges of lives and soon develop donor fatigue? For how long will conservatives be the whipping boys of the liberal Goliaths?

I greatly commend Musk for publicly identifying with the noble pro-life cause in exposing the scam and evil called transgenderism which has Africa as a prime target. Imagine Africans with no access to good healthcare now having to contend with providing hospitals for some misguided individuals who choose to make a cruel mockery of God’s wisdom in their gender selection!

We don’t need such hocus pocus in Africa. The same liberal wests and their so-called blood-stained ‘Philanthropists’ heavily prioritize the distribution of abortion-inducing drugs and contraceptives will now create a new market in Africa for the sale of hormone blockers and expand their sinister multibillion-dollar empire. How low can man sink for the love of transient mammon?

Once again, a big thumbs up to Elon Musk who has a personal sour and ugly experience as he has a transgender offspring.

His humanity personally touched me.

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