Eleven Things I Hope For You This December

  1. I hope you don’t beat yourself up for the goals you set to achieve before this year ends but here you are with the year almost over and you have not achieved much.
  2. I hope you are not so focused on the things that you have not achieved. I hope you pause for a second to think about how far you have come, your growth no matter how little you think it is and the lessons you have learned.
  3. I hope you will be brave enough to see past your fears and go pursue that which God has instilled in your heart; that lightens up your soul.
  4. I hope you are not being fair to yourself by settling for the second-best; I hope you realize that it is not too late to start all over again; career-wise, relationship-wise.
  5. No matter the setbacks and disappointments life must have thrown at you this year, I hope you don’t let it weigh you down and you still find the strength to keep your head up high and keep moving.
  6. Despite the hustle, I hope you afford yourself the luxury to take a break to have fun and rest. Even if it’s just five minutes off your work schedule. Five minutes of peace; uninterrupted thoughts and deep breaths.
  7. I hope you are not slipping into depression and putting yourself under unnecessary pressure because of what you see on social media. It seems as though everyone is moving, leaving you behind. I hope you don’t get pressured by this and move at your own pace – one step at a time.
  8. I hope you don’t get caught up in the rush rush of your life, focusing on what you want, need and desire that you fail to truly recognize and appreciate the humanity around you. I hope you still kind and give out unsolicited compliments to people around you.
  9. I hope you don’t keep holding on to toxic relationships because you are scared of being alone; you are scared of what would happen if you finally take a walk. Do yourself a favor, let go and know that it is not everybody you stayed with you from the beginning would stay till the end – and that’s okay.
  10. I hope you don’t hoard your feelings and finally have the courage to speak to that crush of yours. What is the worst thing that can happen? He or she says “No” and life goes on.
  11. If you are a lady, I hope you finally hit “Orgasm” when having sex with your partner. I wish I can describe what it feels like, but words fail me. Go experience it yourself.

For now, that’s all I wish for you this month. Remember, “You are beautiful, exceptional, and unstoppable”.

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