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Drama as upcoming cross-dresser, Michelle Page challenges Bobrisky to a ‘no makeup’ contest

758 views | Stanley Ugagbe | February 24, 2021

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An upcoming cross-dresser, Michelle Page has starred up controversies on social media after he made a post challenging his senior colleague, Bobrisky, to a ‘no makeup’ contest.

According to 36ng, the controversial dresser drew the battle line in a video he posted on his Instagram page on Tuesday.

While noting that he looks beautiful even without makeup, Michelle averred that such is not the case with Bobrisky. He put up a challenge to Bobrisky to come out without wearing makeup on his face or using any filter in his video uploads.

Michelle Page wrote; “I challenge @bobrisky222, The Nigeria Barbie to come out without makeup, I want her to come out without editing or filter, i will now tell her that i am her m4other.”

Do you think Bobrisky will accept the challenge? Let’s hear from you in the comment session.


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