Don’t Touch Me, Go Back!

Neighbor One: I hear these days you

have human blankets. The biting June

nights won’t be a hell this time around.

(A sly smile.)Congrats! What did your

hubby buy you? It’s been long, friend.

Neighbor Two: There’s nothing to celebrate.

He spent two full years in Jo’burg, sending

nothing home, hardly calling or texting, then

suddenly he arrived two days ago, carrying

two tiny bottles of cooking oil. Can you imagine?!

Shamelessly saying he hasn’t been working. I’m livid.

I’m hustling day and night for his kids, I’m trying to eke

out a decent life for the family, meanwhile what does

he do? He comes home almost empty-handed after

having all the fun in Mzansi, and tells me silly stories.

I told him: go back. I won’t share a bed with you either!

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