Don’t Be Deceived, There’s no Spiritual Attack on Your Business

There is a growing disenchantment amongst our people most especially businessmen and women who have succumbed to the antics of prophecy merchants alluding their current low in sales or activities to spiritual attacks.

Many innocent persons, usually neighbours or relations have now been accused of shelling devilish missiles by pastors of fortune hence causing enmity between hitherto peaceful people.

I have noticed that two of my close relatives currently distance themselves from me. They have gone highly spiritual these days. They stylishly returned my monetary gifts just to safeguard their destinies. I feel them. I neither asked why nor got annoyed. I just collected my money back. That’s what it is.

Please don’t believe those prophecies that someone is spiritually on your case. They are not true.

The main cause of your inability to make sales, secure contracts, obtain loan from the banks, get jobs or get usual favours is economic.

The economy is bad for your customers. The money that used to be available for them to purchase your goods or award contracts is fast disappearing. They now prioritize their spending and what you sell might not be their top priority. Funds available to most state governments, including the federal government, are barely enough to cover recurrent expenses with little left for capital projects. This is responsible for reduced or no contract awards.

It may shock you that even the prostitutes and call girls are complaining. Many of them are now doing promo and charge whatever that will put food on their table. Some now do on credit. It is that bad.

The worst hit are the churches. The congregation are no longer moved to give because the ones they had given had not yielded promised dividends. Tithes and offertory collections in all the churches have decreased even as maintenance and salary costs are increasing. The ones that have investments like schools or hospitals are luckier as they increase fees/bills to balance up.

The right approach is to do a dispassionate appraisal of your business model. Interview your customers and find out why they don’t come and what would be their preference. You must now stock what is affordable to your target customers or close shop and veer into another area of business. You must cut costs both at home and in business.

My sister that operates a restaurant in my town has painfully noticed that a sizeable number of her customers would “throw way” their faces as they pass her restaurant and cross the gutter to patronize a road side bukka for a dish of egg and indomie noddles for less than N200. My sister’s plate of food ranges from N1,000 to N2,000. Someone suggested that she should pray harder that her enemies are at work. Someone na-agbachapụ her customers anya from her shop. You know what I mean?

My sister had to be ingenious. She had to create a viewing centre, a kiosk serving egg and noddles and the kind of drinks the economically affected clients can afford. She now caters for the upper, middle and low class clients.

Have you noticed that the sales for low and medium grade alcohol and drugs have risen? It is expected. The greater population in times like these would want to drink and smoke away their sorrows. Others are stuck in various healing and prayer homes dissipating the little money they have on the religious practitioners who are also facing hard times.

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