Does the mass grave dug in Gaza justify Hamas fighters mutilating a woman while raping her?

Hamas fighters woman rape

Caution: The following article includes content that may be distressing.

Based on a report by a BBC correspondent in Israel, the Israeli police shared a disturbing testimony from a woman who was present at the Nova festival site during Hamas’s surprising and brutal attack on October 7th.

As Hamas gunmen launched rockets and stormed the festival in the early morning hours, about 260 people eventually lost their lives with many young people taken captive.

However, the news many didn’t hear was Hamas’ animalistic and inhumane acts on women present that day. The survivor described seeing “Hamas fighters mutilate a woman while raping her before one of her attackers shot her in the head as he continued to rape her.”

Speaking to the British network, Israel’s police commissioner Yaacov Shabtai said this was not the only account as many others were too distressing to tell to the public.

“So you understand those guys came to do something: it’s not the rape, it’s to insult the human being.” The police commissioner said.

The report said many areas where the attacks occurred were still active combat zones during the crucial 48-hour window for obtaining forensic evidence of sexual assault. DNA was collected from bodies for identification at the main army base, with the initial focus on identifying the deceased and informing families.

The person in charge of gathering evidence said they couldn’t find any living victims of sexual assault that they could currently identify and although there are survivors, they are too traumatized to give any evidence.

The question now is did what Hamas did with those women justify the many innocent lives being buried at the mass grave dug in Gaza? Was Mother Nature fighting for her girls?

Presently, the scale of sexual violence by Hamas during the October attacks remains unclear, but did the law of karma take note?

Israel’s retaliatory attack on Gaza began following the Hamas attacks on 7 October, and since then more than 11,000 people have been killed in Gaza, of whom more than 4,500 were children.

There is no doubt that Hamas made a mockery of women by the abominable act wrought on those victims, unfortunately, the certainty that Hamas itself is paying for those crimes is slim even though the Israeli military has claimed to hit “3,000 terrorist infrastructure sites” and killed or captured about 50 Hamas fighters operating in a Hamas military base in Gaza city. Rather, Palestinians have been the ones suffering from the actions of Hamas.

As many nations and world leaders call for a ceasefire, one begins to wonder how best to seek justice for those women who did not deserve such cruelty from Hamas, ensuring that innocent Palestinians won’t have to pay for it.


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