Dear Guys, Here are Four Ways You can Soften Your Beards

Dear guys, it is no longer news that most girls are very much attracted to guys with beards to die for. Aside that, having beards has a way of making you look very much matured. It is one reason why most times my heart goes out to some guys that are beardless. Like, how do they cope? Someone once said on twitter that she wonders where beardless guys touch when they are thinking about life. Lol, funny really.

But then, does it just end at having beards? Does the story end there? Do you just sit your ass down with your legs crossed and feel like you have finally arrived? The answer is NO because if you are going to grow a beard, you will definitely have to take care of it. And most times, your beards can be coarse, thick, itchy, fussy, and can be unruly unkempt.

Truth is that, those beards that attract ladies to you can at a point become a real nightmare for you if you leave it to fend for itself. I mean, just like with all beautiful things in life, keeping beards comes with hard work, determination, passion and care. And this is why any guy growing beards must know that in order for you to properly maintain his beards, he needs to soften it.

If you are a bearded guy reading this, I want to ask, “How well do you maintain your beards?” “If they are strong and coarse, what steps have you taken to soften them?”

Nobody like rough beards. I am sure you wouldn’t want a situation where you are kissing a girl passionately but she isn’t enjoying it because your rough beards keep piercing her skin.

So read below how you can make your rough beard considerably softer and more kissable!

  1. Wash your beards with shampoo

If you are going to grow a beard, then you are going to have to wash it properly as often as possible. I mean, dirt and food particles can get trapped deep inside your hair not to mention an overproduction of oil that can clog your pores. For this, you need to wash your beards with a good shampoo. Wash it every day as it will not only refresh your hair but will also soften it at the same time. After washing, towel it dry, you can use a blow dryer if need be. Be gentle when doing so.


  1. Condition your beard.

The truth is that washing your beard with water only will also make your beard coarse. This is because water is hard and completely alkalized. That’s why it is advisable to add conditioner too as it will leave your hair strands strong, reduce breakage, detangle it and also soften it too

  1. Apply beard oil

After washing, conditioning and toweling your beard, you can go ahead and apply beard oil or balm when the beard is dry not wet. Apply a few drops in your hands and massage your beard working your way towards the roots.

  1. Use beard brush

This comes after applying the oil or balm. Then you use a beard brush to distribute the oil or balm evenly across the beard. This will help you tremendously to obtain a soft and healthy beard.

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