Day 36: Be the first to cast the stone

Remain Ye Peaceful and Calm Dear Nigerians!

We are all burdened. Nobody is happy. Our country is sick.

We have our spots of weakness as well as our strength. Nobody is entirely bad , there is always a silver lining in every cloud.

As one finger points at someone, four others point toward one. Does that mean one shouldn’t point and criticize error and ills? Not really, rather it makes one to be less critical and unnecessarily judgemental, knowing fully well how vulnerable and culpable one can still be.

We are human not God, fallible not infallible. Weak and frail ,though strong and powerful.

Nigeria is such a country that is rich and highly endowed. Blessed in all sides with human resource that is as viable as the her natural endowment. She lacked nothing at a point in her life, having as her challenge, how to spend her ever rising income.

People of other nations admired her, came for refuge, a haven that helped them become better nations.

Today, she is just a shadow of herself, the glowing bride of amazing value has gone down, more like a misery, a butt before the very people that adored her. What an irony! A slide of fortunes and destiny into a pit of corruption and wasteful lifestyle.

Where did we miss it? Where did we go wrong? Who bewitched us? Taken the entire nation of majestic aura down the stinking drain? Who pulled this rug off our feet and made us fall from a height where our honor, respect, dignity and value were admired to the denizen where every thing about us is questioned, scrutinised and demonised?

Who was that person? Who brought this ant infested wood? The ants are everywhere, causing shame, and making our home a place to be avoided and denigrated.

It is easier to point accusing fingers to our leaders. It easier to apportion blame and wash ones hands off the whole mess.

Nigeria is ruined, nothing works, everything is crumbling and the centre cannot hold anymore.

Who was this person that broke the hedge and the bite from the snakes of corruption affecting everyone?

Should we continue to point accusing fingers ? Lament over spilled milk? We are in a mess. The fire that started small is almost consuming all. We are being grinded everyday by hunger, corruption, banditry, kidnapping etc The situation is by day deteriorating, going down and down, sliding further and further only God knows when the end would be.

Pick up a stone and cast if sincerely you are innocent of all these, either as an accessory before or after the fact. Pick a stone and throw to whoever you think could be responsible for all these woes and miseries. Of course our leaders! Are they the only ones?

We are all burdened by the very woes of this nation, but we are not entirely free from being culpable no matter how small.

The blame game is enough, leading us to nowhere as we search for solutions. The depth of the mess is deep and no single set of people would do the restoration. We are all involved.

Be the change you so much desire and preach. Be that single light that shines when others are broken and burnt.

Be that single voice that speaks out, rise above the muffle and gag of the authority to speak truth however bitter.

Be that single hand that would always say no to corruption, nepotism, tribalism etc even when the pressure to compromise is compelling.

Be that single person that would not cash in on situation of scarcity to inflate price and swindle people.

Each time I look at how some fuel attendants made life so difficult to people, charging extra to dispense fuel, I ask would they still cast stone on the authority and claim innocent? Are they not part of the problem?

When one beats traffic, honks , yells and insults those who want to obey the traffic lights , can such persons pick up stones and cast at the authority?

When one sells adulterated, expired and substandard products, smiling to the bank at the expense of people, can such a person pick a stone and cast at the authority?

We all are involved! Casting stones may not be the solution, rather looking inward, resolving to be the change we all desire, is the way to go.

We all are to blame in this messy situation we all find ourselves as Nigerians. Nobody is innocent, we are all guilty, though our level of compromise, guiltiness, etc varies.

Go to offices, shops, families, market, church mosque etc one would appreciate how we have collectively brought Nigeria to this level of ignominious status.

Cast a stone if you know you have not betrayed the trust and the spirit of Nigeria flag and pledge however small.

“I pledge to Nigeria my country. To be faithful, loyal and honest. To serve Nigeria with all my strength. To defend her unity, and uphold her honour and glory”.

How faithful can we say we have been to the above?

Restore us Oh Lord! Heal us , and make our country great again.

By blame shall no country survive, casting of stone is just an exercise in futility. Let us come together as one nation with the resolve to restore Nigeria to her former glory. Tribe and language we may differ but in brotherhood we shall make Nigeria work again. Nigeria is beyond APC and PDP. It is beyond Buhari and any other government that may succeed him.

We are Nigeria!, the common man on the street. The power we have is massive and can be positively deployed to have the change we all yearn for.

2023 is by the corner, if only we would be firm enough to say yes to reasoning infrastructure and no to stomach infrastructure we would have started on this journey of restoration, restructuring and resuscitation of our comatose nation.


Happy Lenten season .


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