Stakeholders applauded Dangote Cement Plc for supporting the Federal Government’s efforts to make housing affordable for Nigerians at the Africa International Housing Show (AIHS) yesterday in Abuja.

The constructed industrial sub-sector of Nigeria’s economy and related sectors sent representatives to the housing fair, which Vice President Yemi Osinbajo officially opened.

The expo, whose sponsorship is being led by Dangote Cement, is a platform to raise awareness of the housing shortage in African nations and contribute to the formulation of policies aimed at resolving all issues in the continent’s real estate sector with a focus on the unique characteristics of Africa’s member nations.

Speaking to reporters outside the expo, Mr. Festus Adebayo, the show’s coordinator, praised the Dangote Group’s pan-African mentality and said that the conglomerate has operations in many African nations, helping to advance the continent’s real estate market.

“Dangote Group is a fantastic partner of the AIHS,” he declared. It has performed admirably. It is a brand that has made a significant contribution to the growth of the real estate market in African nations.

He asserted that it was time for the government and the private sector, such as the Dangote Group, to work together to address the housing shortage in the nation. He added that once this issue was resolved, banditry and other forms of economic insecurity in Nigeria would no longer be a problem.

He claimed that a key factor in the nation’s problems with subpar and collapsing structures has been the Dangote Cement Plc.