Congratulate Kwankwaso & Obi For Returning Power To The South 

Kwankwaso Obi

What is clear in this Election is the utmost impunity of the selfish interest groups claiming to be acting as the representatives or leader of the people they have failed woefully! Presidency is back to the South. This writer predicted that by hook or crook, Atiku would be installed as President by the Oligarchy that had always chosen the leaders. If Atiku had won, hell would then break out making it easier to split the country into Regions.

Even the few members of the Northern Oligarchy that were using Fulani grassroots to buttress their bases have been rejected. They intentionally created unrest, chaos, terrors and religious intolerance to advance their greedy, voracious and selfish interests. But for Kwankwaso mobilization of the Talakawa in the North to reject the impunity of the Oligarchy whose nod is enough to dictate who leads Nigeria, Atiku could have cruised to victory.

Peter Obi clannish supporters were the icing on the cake. The fact is, all the stars lined up in favor of Tinubu despite his rejection by those who know him best in Osun and Lagos. No Southern leader would rock the boat and table restructuring to satisfy the yearnings in the South. Tinubu became a bystander watching Kwankwaso, Atiku and Obi go at one another. They took his base away from him in Lagos and Osun States. After tearing up one another’s guts, Tinubu walked unscathed with enough votes from the North and South of the country.

It was their people and my people that begged them to run for office or leadership. My and their people from the village that know them best have spoken. The mighty and the famous that turned the richest country in Africa into the poverty capital of the world have fallen. Think and study how their people from home that know them best have expressed their votes of no confidence in their leaders.

If they are not trusted at home, how can you trust them outside? Starting from the Head: President Buhari could not deliver his home State to his Party. The President Elect could not deliver his adopted State and State of origin to his Party. There is something wrong here that we are not taking advantage of. Create a better country or break it up if we are all tired of it, except of course, the Unity Beggars.

We see how easy it was to become Unity Beggars. Promise, prospect of getting part of the National Cake or becoming President is all it takes. Those shouting that they would die for Nigeria have been silent lately because they are no longer in power. The ones in power are so old, they want to die there in one political capacity or another.

Does it mean that the country will remain one since Power has returned to the South?  The Unity Beggars from the South will go on demanding their nations just as most Nigerians want to go their separate ways. Even those who cannot live without Nigeria refuse to go back home and make their states more economically viable to settle into in order to attract Africans to their homes. They would rather than Go West Young Man Go West.

But give the devil his dues. Ganduje and Tinubu exposed the fault line between the Talakawa and the Oligarchy. No matter our reservation or disdain for one of the worst crooks of all time in Nigeria, we must learn how to discourage tolerance for flawed and revolting characters.

The problem of Tinubu as a flawed character started even before he became a Senator. He later convinced Pa Dawudo and Adeniran Ogunsanya that Funso Williams was not a member of NADECO in order to replace him as AD gubernatorial candidate in Lagos. When Funso tried to contest under another Party, he smelt defeat and eliminated Funso Williams.

Such a shady personality that would drive a hot shift through his mother’s ass should never have been Yoruba leader. He will throw a stone from Aso Rock like Obasanjo into the Market that would hit the members of his “families”. Yoruba say “won ni kima to s’ala” was told not to pee in the corridor. He did without consequences. He is going to mess up the living room. Ask his childhood friends from his state of origin in Osun like Aregbesola. Yoruba must be warned because a flawed battery would not make the distance.

People speculating on why the Youths voted against Tinubu in Lagos forgot the massacre at ENDSARS Protest. A judicial panel of inquiry was set up by the Lagos State government that found out Soldiers invaded the Lekki tollgate on October 20, 2020 shot, injured and killed unarmed protesters, without provocation or justification. Yet, Lagos State under the firm grip of Bola Tinubu insisted that no lives were lost. It is one of the ways the Youths paid back, with their united votes in Lagos 2023 Presidential Election.

The silver lining in Tinubu’s victory is that his base in Osun, his adopted home State in Lagos and most Yoruba know about his unsavory character. But given the choice between their son and other leading Presidential candidates that sought equity with unclean hands, they prefer their own. After all, you fight fire with fire. They would not accept his character at home.  As long as his competitors are far away in Abuja, they could sort out themselves outside Eko-Ile.

We have a country where the morals we grew up with have gone under the drain. Each of the soiled three leading Presidential candidates comes from our individual families, not from space. There used to be a time when our greatest fear was anyone reporting us at home. Well, no more. Since parents do not know or care about what their sons and daughters do for a living. As long as they bring money home. If you report them to their parents, one of them would ask: sey nah your money he steal?

Then, they got into politics and you expect them to be clean, come on! Most of them believe the government’s money is Nobody’s money but theirs. Only God knows how long it will take to clean up the immorality of the previous American President, emulated as a hero by authoritarian rulers around the world.

Stop scaring us with the Abuja bandwagon effect in Lagos. How many Nigerian Presidents have done anything of benefit for their people or a country that went from the richest

in Africa to the Poverty Capital of the world? There are three Gubernatorial candidates in Lagos. Decide on one without blemish. Show me your company and admirers. I will show you who you are and your next steps.

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