CIBN is looking for a partner to finish the Lagos Bankers’ House

The Lagos State Branch of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) has sought the support of the banking community as it begins construction on the Lagos Bankers’ House.

Peter Ashade, the branch’s chairman, said yesterday ahead of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Lagos Bankers’ House, which took place today, that the institution will work with banks to accommodate their brands once the building is done.

He termed the groundbreaking event as a watershed moment in the institute’s history because Lagos is the institute’s flagship branch.

According to him, the institute has a lot of hope because the edifice will be commissioned on time thanks to the national secretariat’s cooperation in realizing the noble aim.

According to Ashade, the site is particularly crucial because completion of the property will increase the institute’s prominence.

Kola Abdul, Chairman of the Building Committee, had previously stated that the building, which would be finished in a timely manner, would further the institute’s cause as a professional body.

Each floor, he added, will include ATM galleries from all of the banks, as well as training, conference, and examination centers for bankers and a penthouse.

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