China’s New Bullet Train to Hit 373 mph

State-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) unveiled a prototype for a new high-speed magnetic-levitation also known as “maglev” train that could dramatically cut travel times in the nation.
The train is being designed to carry passengers at 373 mph (600 km/h) and China hopes the train will be serving passengers in 2021.
CRRC deputy chief engineer Ding Sansan, who Is also head of the train’s research and development team, in a statement to CNN said, “Take Beijing to Shanghai as an example — counting preparation time for the journey, it takes about 4.5 hours by plane, about 5.5 hours by high-speed rail, and would only take about 3.5 hours with the new high-speed maglev”.
“We are building an experimental center and a trial production center for high-speed maglev trains and expect to put them into operation in the second half of the year.” He said.
Maglev trains use magnetic repulsion both to levitate the train up from the ground, which reduces friction, and to propel it forward.
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