Chief Justice of Nigeria encourages judges to prioritize fairness

The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Olukayode Ariwoola, emphasized the significance of impartiality for judges during a special session marking the commencement of a new legal year and the induction of new senior advocates of Nigeria (SAN).

Addressing the audience, he stressed the duty of judges to maintain impartiality in their decisions, considering it a fundamental characteristic.

Ariwoola, speaking on Monday, urged all judges to uphold impartiality in their judgments, stating, “Needless to say, impartiality is the hallmark of a judge.”

He took the opportunity to encourage the legal luminaries, judicial icons, and other distinguished figures in the justice sector to prioritize fairness.

Expressing the rarity of such an occasion, Ariwoola mentioned, “I will never have this great privilege and opportunity to address the galaxies of legal luminaries…in another legal year of the Supreme Court as Chief Justice of Nigeria—in my entire lifetime again.”

The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) strongly affirmed his dedication to upholding an impartial judiciary, underscoring the crucial significance of treasuring the rule of law within the Nigerian context.

In articulating his stance, he expressed a firm commitment to ensuring that the judiciary remains free from external influences, thereby safeguarding its autonomy and integrity.

Emphasizing the foundational role of the rule of law, the CJN underscored its pivotal role in fostering a just and equitable society in Nigeria.

He pledged to nurture the judiciary, positioning it for effective justice delivery to elevate the nation’s standing in the observance of the rule of law and constitutional tenets.

Highlighting the judiciary’s enhanced public trust, Ariwoola urged judges to equip themselves with knowledge, recommending books as their armor and hard work as their armaments.

He underscored the need to confront challenges like ignorance, conservatism, and stagnation, encouraging judges to lead from the front and set trends for others to follow.

In a call to action, Ariwoola advised judges not to fear exploring uncharted territory, provided their knowledge is sufficient and their skills well-tested.

He expressing a collective responsibility to move Nigeria forward, fostering a society where correct procedures are followed, creating an environment conducive to the thriving of righteous actions for the common good.

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