Carter Efe shows his Passport debunking age falsification 

Nigerian Comedian and Musician, Carter Efe, has shared his National Identity Card as proof of his real age.

Carter has come under criticism about his age since making it into the limelight. Many Nigerians believed he was not truthful about his date of birth.

According to the National identity card Carter Efe shared on his Twitter account he was born in 2001 and he’s just 21 years of age.

Carter claimed to have helped pave the way for two new upcoming stars at just the age of 21. According to Carter he has helped the two lads become famous. This was the post that sparked reactions from Nigerians.

“Who dey shout no label! Bro I’m just 21 years old and I can boldly say I blow two stars!

Ish ish dey play.”

Machalla Efe Carter

The continous criticism made him share his International passport on his Twitter account as proof of his real age with the caption “If you nor believe rest.”

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