Brotherly love? Beyond all!

There is nothing like it. The bond is deep and the strings that are  weaved around it very resilient.

Nothing breaks it beyond remedy. It can be strained and compromised but it bounces back even stronger. There is nothing more like it!

Brotherhood is beyond blood. It transcends genes and surnames. It goes over and above tribes and religions . It defies culture and lives above ills, gossips and calumny.

It counts no wrongs and sees everything from the prism of human nature, a nature not above fault and flaws.

Brotherhood! It looks back and celebrates the very moments of love and affection shared and remembers nothing of the bad energy displayed out of human frailty.

Brotherhood! So strong, if only one can share this hood in all things, the world would be a place where love and affection are in overflow.

We are all brothers, though in tribe and religion we may defer. We are all brothers in politics and interest we may be different. Brotherhood is beyond blood, it cries when others cry, laughs when they laugh. It isn’t vindictive and selective. What it does to one, it does to another. There is no favouritism, no halo effect, no nepotism in it . It moves by what should be done not what should be gained selfishly.

Oh brotherhood! The hood that binds and wraps us up without counting ills. The hood that extends handshakes of love and comradery even to a seeming leprous hands without let or hindrances.

We may be brothers but if Helping Others On Destiny( HOOD) is not there is means nothing .

You are my brother from same womb, same tribe and religion but if the hood is not there it means nothing.

Look at this picture, nothing comes to me so strongly than the expression of the HOOD( Helping Others On Destiny) Helping others on their destiny of grieving, joyful etc moments.

Let this “hood” be the driving force in all we do. We are like a great piece of beauty on mosaic, they beauty is on the bonding and sticking together of each part, any disintegration renders the art a sore sight.

Let the “hood” in our gathering and brotherly relationships be strong and powerful, even in our differences and uniqueness the love that seeks the welfare and safety of our brothers wouldn’t be compromised.

I sign out in these words of Gary John Bishop in his book Unfuck yourself “There comes a time in all of our lives when we are feeling a little down, a little defeated. When it seems like nothing is going our way….”

I add , in such moments, brotherhood if shown is always reinvigorating and reassuring. Be not my brother alone, let the hood guide you and define our brotherly relationship.

Well done His Excellency Mr Peter Obi for showing the hood in you, visiting His Excellency Emeka Ihedioha on condolence over the death of his beloved mother.

Continue to share this “hood” of yours that knows no boundaries.


Jarlath Opara

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