Bizarre Incident: Mother Slits Child’s Throat, Alludes Action to God

Mother slits murder

A United States Army Sergeant, identified as April Evalyn Short, was apprehended on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, on a one-count charge of murder. The 30-year-old mother of three committed the act in Georgia, United States.

Sources say that Short sent a terrifying message to her husband at about 8:01 PM on Wednesday, November 15, 2023. Parts of the message read, ‘The days of the dark are upon us,’ according to an affidavit obtained by Law and Crime. The message sparked concerns, prompting the husband, who was on duty at Fort Eisenhower Army installation, to dash home.

Upon her husband’s arrival, Short fenced herself in a master bedroom alongside the three kids. The husband immediately contacted the police. At that point, the husband noticed the absence of the youngest kid. He later found the infant shrouded in plastic with wounds and bleeding from the neck region.

Upon arrival at a health facility, the victim was pronounced dead at about 9:34 AM.

While answering questions, Short confessed to committing the crime, revealing that she used two knives to commit the act and threatened the deceased’s 6-year-old sibling against raising an alarm. She added that she killed the infant so he could ‘get to God and Jesus.’

Meanwhile, Short appeared before the US Magistrate Judge, Brian K. Epps, for an initial hearing and did not seek a plea. Meantime, the matter is set to undergo thorough investigations aimed at unraveling details relating to the murder.

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