“Bill Gates is asking me out, how do I tell him I can’t cheat on my boyfriend” – Nigerian Lady

528 views | Stanley Ugagbe | March 5, 2021

A beautiful Nigerian lady has stirred up controversies on social media after she quipped that one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates is asking her out.

The lady, in a post on Twitter with username @Ewadayomi, however, asked her followers to advise her on how to convince Gates that she has a boyfriend.

Reacting to the post, some of her fans have made a mockery of her. Below are some of the hilarious reactions:

@jamesik_ike – If bill gates is asking you out no be cheating you are just helping your boyfriend to know that there’s a difference between a man and ekuke.

@og_6629 – Tell him to call your boyfriend and put some money in his account your boyfriend will block your number himself. The easiest break up

@chizzymoney123 – It is the work of your village people Dem no want make you taste good life.

@Milk07021823 – Even ur boyfriend won’t be happy with u if u reject bill gate

@talley_artist – Be honest and tell him the truth that you have a boyfriend but break it down to him gently and respectful way.

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