Beyond Endorsements

Writing letters and essays are things we all did at the early stage of our academic pursuit. Even dullards wrote letters, most times love letters.

Recently I stumbled on one powerful love letter written by someone I prefer to call Mr Silk 5. Silk 5 wasn’t the best of brain among his peers, but his power to construct love letters very unparalleled.

Each time he crafts a letter to his heartthrobs, such letters come with a never seen before ingenuity, mesmerising hearts and making them feel loved and important.

He uses this gift or rather talent to mess up hearts, spin their heads around, making them feel what he himself pretends to give to his advantage and selfishness.

For lack of proper comparison, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo is one personality that shares same creative writing with Mr Silk 5.

Ever since he finished his tenure as the President of Nigeria, he has been a serial creative writer of letters to all the successive Presidents but Late Musa Yaradua.

I quess he communicates better in writing, exposing the very aspects of governance that seem very unsettling by his assessment. At every moment he writes, his letters have never enjoyed 70% acceptability, there will always be opposing voices who will feel peeved, betrayed and fling the contents of his letter into a scrap pan.

His recent letter/ endorsement of Peter Obi as usual created mix reactions. To the camps of APC and PDP what a worthless piece of trash meant to used for sanitary purposes they labelled it.

To the Obidents whose political labours are seen to be throttling towards achieving Presidential goals, what a fine and articulate letter of endorsement of Obi they chorused.

Beside the reality of human preference for things that support, appeal and satisfy their interests and their aversion for things that provide otherwise,which the reactions ignited by OBJ’ letter/ endorsement exposes, there is nothing else to celebrate about OBJ ‘letter/ endorsement as giving Obi a head start.

With or without his endorsement, Obi is already a movement driven by public passion, vision, commitment and desire for positive change.

With or without his endorsement, Obi movement is already in a deep momentum level, a moving train, high on speed, nothing on its way gets spared.

With or without his endorsement, the Nigerian youths have already taken a stand, pledging their unreserved commitment and support to the course of liberating Nigeria and Nigerians from the hold and claws of hyenas and vampires.

With or without his endorsement, the Obidient movement is already causing waves of sleepless night to the political jobbers and scavengers of our time.

In as much as I have nothing against OBJ’ endorsement, the endorsement doesn’t have an indispensable effect in the success or otherwise of Peter Obi’ Presidential ambition.

Writing of letters is dispensable, endorsement is too, but PVC isn’t. Go for the indispensable and care less about the dispensable, the Icining on the cake, the fringes and the accidents.

The only thing that will wrap up all these Obident noise and endorsement brouhaha with success is PVC.

Get it! Vote Obi and ensure that your vote isn’t manipulated. Anything outside this, no show for Obi even with multiple endorsements by all the world most influential Presidents and formation of plethora of support groups.

Do the needful and avoid the fantasies of crowd mentality. Go for the substance and avoid the chaff.

We have had enough of the sizzling emotional release of “We are Obident” Calm down now and go collect your PVC and vote wisely. In it lies the future of this country.

The journey begins now!!


Jarlath Opara

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