‘Atikulation’ On The Marble (#NigeriaDecides) 

Atiku Reacts to PEPT

Fellow countrymen and women,

It has given me great delight to address you all today mere days to the historic presidential poll in our country. As you all know I am one of the frontline, nay leading, candidates in this election. The PDP national political machinery is behind me for the ultimate triumph.

‘Atikulation’ is on the march again. And this time, believe me, victory is assured! We have tried this presidential trajectory a record five times but I strongly believe our time has finally come.

No one can afford to manipulate this year’s presidential poll this weekend. It is, therefore, not going to be rigging business as usual! A true winner shall emerge by the end of the day.

This Saturday as you troop to the polls vote ‘Atikulation’ and stay behind to police your votes. The APC remains a rigging political machinery but this time around their manipulative methods and tactics cannot fly.

At this critical juncture in our national life Nigeria urgently needs a sound leadership and ‘Atikulation’ is poised to provide one. We shall not compromise on our vision to see to the birth of a new united prosperous secure nation out of the chaos and anarchy of the present.

Some critics have argued that a Fulani should not succeed another Fulani in Aso Villa in the spirit of equity and justice and fair-play. That position is understandable but I hasten to add that in our collective quest for greatness and progress in our challenged nation ethnic and religious politics ought to be waved aside.

My ambition is to be given the federal power apparatus with which I can redress the abysmal situation confronting our existence as one indivisible nation. After four years of achieving that objective I can then withdraw and retire. Then an Igboman would take over the mantle of national leadership.

My presidency would endeavour to promote merit and fairness among the constituent parts of the federation. We shall impose law and order and discipline. We shall dutifully revive our comatose economy and create jobs for our jobless youths. We shall restore security and unity!

My administration shall not tolerate corruption no matter who is involved or how high your position in government. We come to serve and not to be served! Governor Okowa and I would lead by example. We would show examples by our acts and utterances.

Under our watch no part of the federation (including the restive Biafraland) would feel marginalised any more. Booms of the gun shall die a natural death! We understand the concerns and fears of our brothers and sisters across the River Niger.

Compatriots, for close to eight years President Muhammadu Buhari has demonstrated his inability to provide exemplary leadership. Unashamed of their woeful administrative failures, Buhari and Asiwaju Tinubu want to take Nigeria further down the abyss with another 4 or 8 years of maladministration, this time with ‘Jagaban’ at the head.

But Allah be praised Nigerians have the unique opportunity of correcting the mistakes of 2015 and 2019 with their votes. Power comes from the ballot box and whoever Allah wishes to bestow one nobody or force can say or do otherwise.

With ‘Atikulation’ in command prosperity and greatness are assured! Nigeria possesses what it takes to be made great again! With PDP back in power we are determined and ready to correct certain injustices the departing APC administration had imposed on us all. Injustices like federal appointments and quota system nonsense.

Collectively we must say no electorally to the Tinubu/Shettima ticket in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious complex nation. The late Bashorun MKO Abiola tried it out, muslim/muslim ticket, way back on June 12, 1993 and he made history with it. But between then and now much societal difference exists.

However, Nigeria of 93 and one of 2023 cannot be said to be the same in every stretch of imagination.

Our opposition PDP party has prepared itself adequately for the election and consequent victory. We have visited virtually every part of the country campaigning hard for a smooth change of government at the national level.

The massive reception we have received and the mammoth crowd that thronged the various venues made me believe we are the party to beat! The PDP has nothing more to prove to Nigerians having ruled responsibly for 16 eventful years. We provided quality leadership that is now abysmally lacking.

The ruling APC has lowered the bar of governance in our country. Today, what they accused of not doing well they have made worse! Corruption is worse today than ten years ago! The economy is dancing acrobatics and the Naira is finished! Insecurity is at its worst.

Fellow Nigerians, out of patriotism and the genuine desire to serve you better I decided to give this presidential thing another (and final) push. And I dare say the prospects are bright and promising.

Governor Nyesom Wike and the so-called Integrity Group of PDP rebel Governors have decided to stab the party that brought them to power in the back! Under normal circumstances they should have since been sanctioned if not shown the way out of the party for their open anti-party activities. But we are more tolerant and more mature than them!

I did not choose Wike as my running mate deliberately for reasons best known to me. Governor Ifeanyi Okowa would make a great Vice-President in my reckoning.

By the special grace of Allah, all-powerful, all-knowing, we shall win the presidency without the support of the renegades led by Wike. I did not put Chairman Ayu where he is as our party’s Chairman. Therefore, if he must be removed then due process must be followed. Ayu is more of a middle-belter than a northerner for all I care.

Removing him at this crucial time would be counter-productive. Wike and co can endorse any other candidate; we care less!

Vote ‘Atikulation’ and enjoy good governance. Vote for us at the national and states’ levels and have good security of lives and properties. Vote for me and see how I will hit the ground running. Vote PDP and see your lives transformed for good.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria! Long live Nigerians!! Things can only get better with the PDP in power. We have been tried and tested! Please vote for the umbrella!


SOC Okenwa


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