I would always get the ticket! He meant it, even when many thought it was just a brag, a pride weaved and woven in arrogance and entitlement. He pulled it, made real his words, coming top, flounced his way to the podium, with an engraved plaque “the bride of PDP” clinched on his hands he descends with smiles of ‘Shebi I told you’.

Victory isn’t a piece of cake with a warm coffee, it might seem so to a distanced observer but deeper, twisted and very demanding to a painstaking mind.

Congratulations to His Excellency Atiku Abubakar, though not my fan and choice, the devil and the deep blue sea, isn’t after all a nice choice option.

This is a tragedy, always served each time we gather for a political round table meal. Nothing different would change unless there is a Dammam miracle.

To the delegates, the lean pocket is suddenly fat and deep. The smiles we can always understand, the jubilation and elation I assure you will be short-lived when the deep and fat pockets begin to lean down, and the hands that gave, and doled out freely become unavailable and unwilling.

You have made an overdraft of our future, eaten in one fell swoop the very seeds of our children, eaten our dividend at a go, squandered the entitlement of four years in one second and our Returns on investment spent, even before the business kicks off.

Congratulations to you the delegates, for the choice you have made, we will live with you for four years, watching helplessly as they do to us what you did to them even harsher.

You have lost the voice, the voice to ask questions and the voice to demand accountability.

The dollars will finish, the pounds will be spent and the very hunger and hardship that flogged you previously will be waiting with a harsher “bulla” more cries ahead if there is no Dammam miracle!

Who will cause this Dammam miracle! You the delegates? Inna! Too greedy and selfish for such a decent assignment.

Let us watch carefully! There are areas and places the delegates wouldn’t be powerful to decide, the brides are already given, too beautiful and amazingly endowed, waiting for the endorsement of the masses, far from the shylock spirit of the delegates, in those places, the Dammam miracle is sure to happen.

Congratulations Alhaji Atiku the Real Madrid of PDP. We meet at the real and enlarged town hall meeting soon!

To all “Liverpool guys” please take heart. You guys did well, you fought, you boasted and pridefully too, but the “referees” and marksmanship of the “Real, Real Madrid “made a mincemeat of you. Next time know your level and depth and remain there. The real bride saw this ahead and played the smart and decent game.

You gerrit now!