Atiku Abubakar: A Presidential Declaration

Fellow Nigerians,

It has given me great delight to address you all today. Ordinarily this presidential declaration of intent ought to be a great event eliciting jubilation and joy since ours is just rendering deserved service to our fatherland. But sadly, we continue to mourn and grieve for our compatriots daily killed or kidnapped in a nation without national leadership. So let everyone keep the silence like that obtained in a graveyard since the situation is dire enough. Nigeria is almost dead awaiting resurrection or resuscitation.

Our beloved nation is passing through hell lately in terms of deteriorating security situation, economic despair and political turmoil. Under the incapacited present President, Muhammadu Buhari, our country has suffered tremendously. Buhari has demonstrated how a leader of a potentially great nation could be hopelessly incompetent, incapable of providing leadership for which he sought election in the first place.

Dear compatriots, I know that many of you are traumatized and terrorized. For no fault of yours you have been abused, oppressed, kidnapped and killed! For no fault of yours you have suffered privation. For the fault of those elected to provide sound leadership you have witnessed how they are not capable of protecting your lives and properties from Maiduguri to Kaduna, Abuja to Lagos, Makurdi to Owerri.

But everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. The end is therefore nigh for this APC misrule. I assure you that, together, we are going to defeat the APC convincingly next year. Please, get your PVCs ready for the imminent PDP ‘revolution’.

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