APGA has derailed beyond the ability to redeem- Anambra PDP

The People’s Democratic Party in Anambra State has accused the Willie Obiano-led APGA administration in the state of derailing totally from the task of governing the state.
It said Anambra State under the present APGA regime is sliding on a fast lane towards underdevelopment and fast becoming a mockery to many other states who had in the past, looked up to her for direction.
In a chat with TNC correspondent in Awka, the State Chairman of the PDP, Chief Ndubuisi Nwobu said the present trajectory of backwardness does not project Anambra as a state that wants to progress.
In his words, Anambra under Obiano has made one step forward and two steps backwards, adding that there is no continuity of the excellent work started by his predecessor, Mr Peter Obi which was in progress when he came into office.
“During the period of Peter Obi as the governor of Anambra and the short-lived administration of Dr Chris Ngige, Anambra faired much more better. There was every reason to say we were getting it right then. But for the past six years of Obiano’s reign, we appear to have gone far backwards both in terms of infrastructural development, human capacity development, social welfare, education and many other areas. The only place I can give this government a little PassMark is in the area of security. Aside from that, what we have witnessed is six years of wasting the mandate of Anambra people,” he regretted.
When asked what he thinks the Obiano regime needs to do to redeem its image, the State PDP Chairman made it clear that there is no redemption for the present state government.
He noted that Anambra people should just be prayerful so that the damage done by the state government will not be too difficult for the incoming government to fix.
“They lost focus completely. The government has barely a year and a half to pack up so there is nothing they can do now. The last election, they sent bulldozers to various communities on the pretext that they are constructing roads. Those machines have since left those sites since then. So it is on the strength of that we say they have failed and our people know so. I am personally disappointed that a person of Obiano’s status who have seen the world and what development is all about, could Govern this state in such an unpopular manner. It has been all about clannish interest since he assumed office and that’s the reason why he failed. All I ask our people is to exercise a little as this government is on its way out so that we can enthrone the kind of government that this state deserves,” Nwobu said.
The Opposition leader in Anambra who alluded to the fact that the PDP had lost many elections in the state due to conflicting interests among the various power brokers in the party, said the State PDP under his watch, is evolving strategies that will entrench democracy within.
This he noted, will restore confidence in the processes of the party and elicit the people’s support for whoever emerges after the party’s primaries.
“We have tried to take some initiatives to build the confidence of party members in our processes. We want to ensure that whoever is going to get the PDP ticket in Anambra, is that person who has majority of the delegates behind him. Once the processes are transparent and the result uncontestable, those who lost will not have any reason not to support the candidate. All our aspirants are qualified and have the capacity to lead this state forward. So you see that whatever we do in the primaries, should be seen to be very open and with integrity so that we don’t pull down our house with our own hands.
“We also wish to sustain our grassroots mobilization because we must compete in all 21 local government areas of the state. All stakeholders will be identified and reached out to so that when the time is right, we will have more than enough in our political arsenal to beat any political party in the state,” he said.
The PDP Chairman in Anambra also revealed that they have plans to deploy upscale technology to ensure that no form of election malpractice is perpetrated during the 2021 governorship election in the Anambra.

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