An entrepreneur should have passion and take the journey one step at a time – Owinzeegba Aidy, CEO, 45seconds Grafhikz

In this exclusive interview with The News chronicle, the Managing Director of 45seconds Grafhikz Ltd, Mr. Owinzeegba Aidy Aidamoise, takes us into the world of graphic design, the demands of entrepreneurship and other issues

TNC:  Thank you for giving us this opportunity to speak with you sir, first, let me commend you for setting up 45seconds Grafhikz Ltd, we are quite impressed. We all know it is not easy to set up a company and run it successfully. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your business: what is it that you do and how has the journey been so far?

Aidamoise: Thank you very much. My name is Owinzeegba Aidy  Aidamoise, I’m a creative graphic designer and the founder/ managing Director of 45seconds Grafhikz Ltd.

At 45seconds Grafhikz Ltd we do Graphic designing, large format, general printing and souvenirs. The journey so far hasn’t been easy I must say, But, God has been faithful. I would say it is better than I envisioned. And it’s getting better by the day.

 TNC: Why did you venture into this line of business, is it just out of passion or something you bumped into along the way? And how has the business growth trajectory been, are you well received and appreciated in this industry?

Aidamoise: I would say passion. I have always loved aesthetics. I love creatively done designs, well combined colours and texts. Despite my love for that, I needed to work somewhere and improve on my ideas and skills. So I took up a job in the field, worked for a while, before I decided to start my own.

For the growth in this path I have taken, there has been no regret, no retrogression. It’s been progressive, better than I envisaged, I must say. Though, this is not to say we are there yet… nahh, but we are on the right track and we’ll get there.

For the reception, yes! I am well received and appreciated in the industry, by clients and other designers as well.

TNC: What are the peculiar challenges you face in your line of work because we know every business has its challenges, not to talk of running it in a country as challenging as Nigeria?

Aidamoise: There are a lot of challenges one faces in this line of business; there’s no constant electricity and internet services. Finance is also a problem in the sense that, most jobs are deadline bound. You are most times expected to deliver first before you get paid, and because there are a lot of jobs to be done, most times you’re struggling with finance issues.

We also don’t get enough time to give excellent, creative designs and that’s because we first design and send out for approval before printing, but most customers don’t even have the time for that, as they mostly bring those jobs when the events are really close, and we end up applying pressure cooker approach to everything.

TNC: Please tell us what keeps you motivated and focused on the Business, despite the inevitable odds that your business faces along the way.

Aidamoise: I would say it’s the passion. The fulfillment I get when my customers are satisfied at the end of everything is priceless; the referrals, the appreciation et al. All of these really keeps me going.

And of course it keeps me smiling to the bank (laughs). That was on a lighter note though but yes, the joy I get seeing my jobs displayed when I drive pass… Sometimes it leaves these incessant smiles on my face and in my mind I’m like …. yeah, that’s my job.

TNC: Please can you gist us about a typical day in your life as the business managing director of 45seconds Grafhikz Ltd: getting to your office and navigating through clients and employees, what puts smiles on your face on a typical day? And also what is the idea behind the name 45seconds Grafhikz Ltd?

Aidamoise: My everyday activity has always been monotonous, almost always same activities every day.

It’s either a customer wakes me up with a call, or I’m rushing to drop a job early in the morning as agreed, or there’s a customer already waiting for me at the office and so on and so forth.

What puts smiles on my face on a typical day is when all the scheduled jobs are done, customers are satisfied and payment made as agreed.

As for the name 45Second,  Well the brain behind 45seconds isn’t time based as a lot of people think it is, but it’s how fast we are able to understand and read what the customer wants. For instance, you need something that has your contact details and can be in a small purse within your description, in 45seconds, we are able to tell you it’s a call or complimentary card you need, and we are already asking for required content details to produce one for you.

TNC: You know there are many businesses in Abuja just like yours, and they make every effort to be on top. How do you manage competitions from your rivals, what are the things you do differently that stand you out from the rest?

Aidamoise: Most jobs we get are through referrals and that’s because our work and values speak for us. We are professionals and we have unwavering integrity. We keep to our words and we deliver both in time and quality. We are sincere in our dealings as we won’t take any job we can’t meet up with the deadline. We also work well under pressure.

TNC: I know you are a highly professional person and therefore focused on work, value and excellence. But it doesn’t imply that you are without emotions or are oblivious to happenings in society. As a concerned citizen, what is your take on some national issues? Insecurity has been one of Nigeria’s major issues among others, in your opinion, how can the Government, with the help of professionals like you help deal with this issue?

Aidamoise:  Well, the truth is, whatever affects the eyes, also affects the nose, and as such, the issues of insecurity in the country affects most businesses as well and ours isn’t exempted, as most of our customers in neighboring states that would normally drive in for jobs and pickups would rather use waybill, which most times doesn’t meet up to the time of events due to unforeseen delays. So most of them would rather do it in their town even though they prefer the quality and services you offer.

Well, as to how we can help the government deal with issues like this….

We are designers, creative ones at that. The government can, through us creatively put their  thoughts and messages to printing through catchy designs, printed in large format and billboards and displayed at every junction for the world to see as well as displayed on national TV.

We can also design and print relevant information as pamphlets and flyers if need be.

We are available for that if the government is ready to pass any information that would curb societal threats or help with national development.

More so, change begins with us and if this country must get better, we have to do our own bits and that includes but not limited to, reporting any suspicious moves around you to the appropriate person(s), ensure peace and tranquility at all time and be our brothers keeper. Avoid greediness as it is the genesis of it all. Let love lead at all times and most importantly, charity they say begins at home, bring up your own children the way they should go, that way most of these issues would be reduced.

TNC: Lastly, as an entrepreneur, we would like to know your take on entrepreneurship; do you think it is for everyone or only for a select few? In Nigeria, we hear the government urging the youths to take up skills and earn money for themselves, which seems like the government is running away from its obligations. What is your take on this, and what is your advice for people venturing into entrepreneurship?

Aidamoise: Well, whether everyone becomes an entrepreneur or not, I’m always an advocate of multiple streams of income or taking up extra skills.

And my advice for people venturing into entrepreneurship is to take it one step at a time. Rome was not built in a day and at the start of some businesses, it might not be all rosy as you think it would be. But if you’re patient, at the end of the day you’ll be glad you did. Give the business time to grow, don’t be profit conscious but growth conscious in the first few years of the business.

TNC: Thank you very much ,Mr. Owinzeegba Aidy Aidamoise,, it has been a wonderful and explosive time with you, it is our pleasure. Have a very good day.

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