7 Practical Tips to Sleep Healthy

Staying up late at night and sleeping in on weekends disrupts our circadian rhythm and can result in disrupted sleep, grogginess, crankiness, and worse, possible depression.

Here are some quick tips for healthy sleep;

  1. Follow a consistent sleep schedule: Wake up at the same time everyday, even on the weekends or during vacation.
  2. Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual: Go to bed only when you are sleepy. When in bed, avoid bright lights and any activities that trigger stress, anxiety, or excitement.
  3. Exercise every day: Light exercise any time during the day helps you sleep well at night
  4. Reduce your use of electronics: Using cell phones and electronics before bed has been associated with poor sleep quality. Even exposure to bright room lights before bed may negatively affect your sleep.
  5. Make your bedroom inviting and attractive for sleep: Always sleep on a comfy and supportive mattress and pillow. Make sure to change your mattress once it has exceeded its lifespan (9 to 10 years). Ensure that your pillows are comfortable and allergen free.
  6. Take a hot bath before going to bed: A hot bath cause your temperature to rise and then cool down afterward, which helps you relax and get good sleep.
  7. Read a relaxing book right before bed: Reading has been shown to minimise stress by up to 68 percent, clears and relaxes the mind, and prepares the body for sleep.
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