5 books to read on a rainy day

The overcast sky, rain pouring on green plants and parched roads makes for a good view from a window. But that also means that you can’t do much on a rainy day apart from sitting at home and admiring the view from your house. There is still one thing which can save you from the boredom of your house i.e. a good book. A good book on a rainy day is like a hot chocolate on a chilly night during winters. 

A good read has the power to transport you from reality to the imaginative world of the characters where you feel that you are also a part of their story. Moreover, it’s better to read a book than sleep or do something useless. One should often indulge in a good book here and there to enhance their knowledge and broaden their perspective on life.

Now all you have to do is get comfy and curl up with a blanket and a good book in your hand to enjoy this rainy weather. Here are some of the books which will give you company on a rainy day.

1) Harry Potter: No book can give you an escape like the Harry Potter series.

2) And Then There Were None: If you like crime and thrillers, then this is will be perfect for you.

3) A Room with a View: Read this to be teleported away from your room to the engrossing world of Lucy.

4) Wuthering Heights: If you are a classic fanatic, then this will keep you engrossed the whole day.

5) To Kill a Mockingbird: Go for a humorous, sorrowful and knowledgeable read while you are trapped inside your house.

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