2022: Take care of your need, not your greed – Table Shaker

Popular Nigerian Table Shaker, Reno Omokri has reeled out what people who want to make a positive difference in 2022 must do.

The former presidential aide in a post on Facebook warned that recycling unproductive habits will only lead to emptiness except the right actions are taken to make a positive mark in this new year.

He wrote:

In 2020, you attended crossover service to shout hallelujah to wealth prophecies. Then you went home. You did not plan, or act, or pro-act. All you did was react. Prophecy turned to poverty. If you like do the same thing today. You will be a nuclear reactor in the New Year. It will be 2022 in a few hours. As you crossover to the New Year, leave broke-ness in 2021. Spend to invest, not to impress. You won’t die if you don’t have the latest iPhone. Your head won’t explode if you don’t wear bone straight hair. You won’t lose your salvation if you don’t wear designers. But you will die if you don’t have food or money when you face a health emergency. Therefore, in 2022, take care of your need, not your greed!

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