Nigeria; Practicing Elections, Not Democracy

Nigerian elections

The very open lie the evil elites and oppressors makes the people believe that we’re in a democracy is the show of allowing people cast their votes in times of elections. Not Democracy

The bitter truth is that the Nigerian political system and structure is not far from that which was practiced by Adolf  Hitler of Germany and the ruthless and brute force of illegitimate power proposed by Nichollo Michavielli in his book.

It was Abraham Lincoln who held that, democracy is “government of the people, by the people and for the people”. What we have in Nigeria is government of a few, by a few, for the general people.

The good people of Nigeria do not have a say in the governing affairs of the state. What they bribe the people off with, is that they have a representative who is representing their interest, whereas, infact, this representative is being cornered by the oppressors for their selfish interest.

It is a crying shame, that the good people of Nigeria are only used to assuage the lifelong ambition of the evil elites and oppressors through elections.

That the people of Nigeria are only recognized and reached out to when it comes to elections is a teller that what we practise in Nigeria is elections and not democracy. All of a sudden, the oppressors now know that the people eat rice, that the people need bathing soaps and that the people need urgent 2000 naira. They begin to share all of these to win the votes of the people.

After one election, we are looking forward to another, not how to make the current one have a positive impact on the people and Nigeria as a whole. After the elections, the people are left in hunger, pains and perpetual poverty. The needs of the people, demands and their lives do not mean anything anymore to these merchants of death we call leaders.

As another phase for elections draws near and nearer, the people are now been cherished like new born babies, this is sardonic.

Worryingly, what is happening within the two major political parties in Nigeria, is a fight over the 2023 elections because the oppressors in Nigeria take politics as a “do or die” battle for them to win elections.

It is saddening that this is coming as a result of the fact that majority of them do not have any occupation. Politics that should be a vocation, they see it as an occupation. These oppressors do not have any business address, they do not have any occupational address.

The very question we should ask ourselves is how do you go to banks to take loans just to serve your people? These evil elites go to banks to obtain loans just to secure supposed forms of elections in a claim to want to serve their people.

No, i say NO, it cannot be that these people want to serve their people, it is because they want to butter their bread, a system of “come and chop”, a system or avenue of making cool money, greedily carting away the national cake for their generation yet unborn.

These oppressors and evil elites leave children abroad, in the best of schools, calling the frantz fanon wretched of the earth and the hoi-polloi to fight each other in the bloody vocation of politics.

All of these are teller that we do not practise democracy, we practise elections.

Until the oppressors travel away from all of these selfish, heinous, dastard, repressive, ungodly, capricious and evil acts, Nigeria would only be a ground where elections are played and not a country that observes democracy.


JOSEPH ALIU is a Human Rights Activist, Good Governance  Advocate and a Law undergraduate, Oou Chapter and can be reached via 09085773212, 09131704196,

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