Word Personata by Chukwuemeka Patrick


The emphasis of the devil when he traps us in a beseting sin is never on the sin as it were but on the work he is crafting under the cover of that sin. He uses the sin to buy time enough to do a much deeper work, one that cannot be dealt with by just pleading the blood as with the sin. And thats where we miss him!

For every time we allow ourselves to be trapped in a sin, there is something else the devil is doing at the heart level and the longer we stay in that sin the more time he has to perfect his work.

On top of the work he does under that cover among other things is weaving a cascade of unbelief over the heart.. You wake one morning and repent,  then you discover that you are now struggling to accept the truth in God’s word. The devil is out,  the sin cleansed and forgiven but There is now a program of unbelief running on the inside of you. That beseting sin made the high way. It was probably a decoy!

Sin is ugly. Get up and get out of that sin and subject your heart to the influence of God’s spirit in a prayer of sanctification and Word..


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