Call it whatever you will but reports have it that Kenyan women on Thursday held a serious demo in Limuru, Kiambu County protesting the dwindling performance of men in the bedroom.

A Kenyan website, Tuko, reports that a section of women held a peaceful demonstration in Ndeiya ward claiming that most of their men, including young men have failed to perform their conjugal rights.

The women said the trend was worsened by high levels of alcohol consumption which saw many men abandon their families.

The women further claimed that only a few newly married women are currently pregnant with the rest of the bulk dreaming about ever having a baby since men have failed to impregnate them.

“If you walk in this village, you will find so many young married women but only a few are pregnant,” Nancy Wangare, one of the protesters, is quoted as saying.

Women have now threatened to move outside Kiambu to other countries where they can find real men who are serious enough to impregnate them.

They further called on government to make strict laws restricting drinking from 5pm to 11pm for week days and 2pm-11pm for weekends.

Culled from http://talkofnaija.com/life-style/women-protest-for-lack-of-men-to-make-them-pregnant


  1. It’s probably normal for their culture, but horrid to our sensibilities. Common sense and logic tells us that we were not made to breed just for the sake of breeding. That it’s better to have one or two children, who you can afford to educate and give more, than keep shooting out babies who will never get the right education or have much in life, because you never thought further than your own selfish desires and pleasures in life. I feel l so strongly about this topic, I’m going to research it more and then build a case around this debate in a new post……

  2. Wow, this is very interesting. As I speak, right now in my country Liberia, I have two of my girls friends who are pregnant for me. One is carrying twins in her stomach according to doctor report. Two beautiful girls. And the other one is carrying a handsome boy. Can you see how Liberians men are productive. Come to my country and I will assigned able body men to each one of you.


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