Woman Strips For 2 Face On Stage While Annie Is Standing In The Crowd. Seen Anie’s Reaction + Full Story


2face Idibia among a number of other big acts in Nigeria dropped by Sapele on August, 8th 2015 for the Star Music Trek Sapele Rocks concert.

Well, during 2face’s performance that evening, a female fan of the singer beat the venue security and ran onstage while 2face was still performing.

Upon getting on stage, the lady grabbed the singer from behind, pulled him close, stripped off her top and attempted to take 2face’s clothes off.

See full story + Annie Idibia’s facial response after the jump:

Annie Idibia who was present at the occasion to cheer her husband on was neither amused nor impressed by the woman’s antics on stage.

In this picture of her reaction, you can just see Annie thinking to herself “___________” (TILB Readers, abeg help us caption this picture. Lol)

Everyone including the security had apparently thought it was one of creative director Efe Omorogbe’s skits but it wasn’t.

It took a while before the security could pull her away from the Star Music Trek stage.

Culled from: http://lailasblog.com/


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