Woman buried alive over witchcraft allegation


Is the punishment for witchcraft accusation being buried alive?

Some communities seem to still be living in the stone age with some cultures they practice in this modern era.

A Pulse reader sent in this story of how a woman accused of being a witch in a remote village in Cross River State, was buried alive to, according to the village elders, appease the gods of the land and avert calamity.

Read what the reader wrote:

“I cannot believe that in this modern era, where some people still believe in some archaic culture. I am a youth corps member serving in Cross River State.

I was posted to a local government (name withheld by Pulse), very close to Cameroon and in some of the villages around, they still practice some out of this world culture.

Can you believe that one poor old woman was buried alive a month ago on the allegation that she is a witch? I gathered from some youths in the village that the woman was accused of killing all her six children and her husband as well as some of her family members. I heard the woman was 74 years old and she WAS BURIED ALIVE!

How can human beings be this wicked? As I write this, I am even scared of going back to the place.”

Pulse news – culled from: http://pulse.ng/gist/wickedness-woman-buried-alive-over-witchcraft-allegation-id3959599.html


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