With or Without God, Life’s Mysteries Continue



Reading this book, the author asserts, “may change how you think of yourself, your loved ones, and even your pets. It may alter your beliefs about the purpose of life, the nature of death, and the role of religion.”


What makes this book a major contribution is the author’s unique perspective.  Dr. Mhlaba grew up in Zimbabwe in what he terms a pre-modern age.  Thanks to the foresight of his parents, he and his seven siblings were prepared for the modern world through education. The author went on to earn a PhD in the United States.  He has taught college physics and now serves as a College Dean in Boston, Massachusetts.

The book ends with a fascinating look into the future of humankind, taking the reader through uncharted territory, while engendering a new sense of awe about the meaning of life and what may lie beyond.

Most Readers’ comments on the book are of this vein from Carole:

 “Intertwined with stories from his African village are discussions of some of the leading philosophical/scientific thinking of our time, combined with Mhlaba’s own practical commentary. He considers many levels of reality and diverse walks of life, from supernovas in far distant galaxies, to ceremonies in America’s First Nation peoples. Mhlaba’s style is conversational, journalistic, and easy to read. He teaches with questions, rather than preachments. He begins with “Home is Where My Life’s Questions Began,” and he has expanded my visions of our home on this planet, and in the world of spirit.”

He is also the author of:  INCENTIVE-BASED FRANCHISE: A New Model for World Governance.

Find both the hard copy and electronic copy of his newest book at:   www.authorsville.com


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