Wife Cries out: I Married My Hubby with Juju, now I’m Suffering


A house built on sand will continue to suffer until it’s foundation is corrected or it eventually crash. Read this story of a Lagos babe who used juju to force a man to marry her:

Some people may hate me after this confession but I want other ladies to learn from my experience.

Odia and I started going out while in secondary school, I loved him so much and he loved me too. We both attended different institutions, he read Biochemistry while I studied Economics, he graduated 2 years b4 me and got a job after his NYSC. I was in my final yr when he proposed marriage to me.

I went to visit Odia one Saturday evening when his neighbours told me he had traveled, I called his phones and none went through, I searched every where to know his where about but never succeeded till the day I ran into his closest friend who told me Odia had traveled to UK to further his education. It was like a dream to me, I cried my eyes out, still tried to at least reach him and find out what it was I did to him but all my efforts proved abortive.

When my best friend heard this she promised to help me get my man back…

(my story would be too long if I had gone into full details, so this is a kind of a summary)
To cut my long story short, I was introduced to a Spiritualist who gave me some charms and did so many other things and promised me that Odia must come back to marry me b4 the end of that year, he actually did, he came back, we got married and had a son 11 months after our wedding.

Right now my marriage is coming to an end as Odia now sees me as a monster, he can’t stand anything I do lately, he has become entirely different from the gentle, loving guy I married; he beats and uses me as if I was a slave.

He comes home so late and sometimes spends the night else where, I’ve gone to the spiritualist to complain and seek for help but he warned me to stop visiting him, “you asked for marriage and I made him marry you so take it as you see it”.

If any one knows what I can do for my husband’s love to come naturally without Juju, please help me.

I did what I did out of love and never meant any harm my husband but I think my husband has recovered from the influence of the Juju and he no longer loves me. I’m in a mess.

Culled from: http://www.olufamous.com/2015/06/wife-cries-out-i-married-my-hubby-with.html


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