Why Nigerians Are Fleeing Nigeria


Nigerians are fleeing Nigeria for a simple reason. To get a chance at a better life.

One of my all-time favorite songs is a song called ‘Baba mimo’ by Beautiful Nubia. There is a verse in the song that I can’t seem to forget. It says:

I believe Nigerians are fleeing the country for one major reason: Nigeria, as a nation and government, has failed to cater for the basic needs of its citizens.

These basic needs include education, economic security, social welfare, opportunities for gainful employment, and security of lives and properties. Nigeria continues to fail its citizens in all of the aspects listed above. It doesn’t matter if you’re educated or illiterate, it affects us all.

I don’t currently live in Nigeria, by choice. If I was currently in Nigeria, I would want to leave also. But when I left Nigeria, it was not my idea. My parents who knew better than I did decided that I’ll be better served studying outside of Nigeria. They were right. Nigeria has continuously failed its citizens. Those who live just want a chance at something better, and can you blame them?

[On a side note – the Nigerian Medical Association continues to discriminate against Nigerian doctors who studied abroad. The association humiliates these innocent citizens just because they had the gut to leave the country for a better education, and the patriotism to come back to the country with the knowledge they’d gained]. I recently read this story and it broke my heart.Osinachi Anyanwu – on MDCN’s treatment of foreign-trained Nigerian doctors. Tell me, why won’t these people want to leave the country?

I cried when I read the story of slave trading in Libya, especially when a Nigerian guy was interviewed and he said he was sold. Even in his current dire state, seeing him breakdown when the thought of going back to Nigeria crossed his mind just broke me. Even in slavery, all the man wants to do is move forward, anywhere. Why? He’s seen Nigeria and the country doesn’t have much to offer him. Of course the pasture beyond is not always greener as we’ve seen in the past week, the Nigerian pasture has been dry for so long that many have come to believe that it’s never going to be green again. Why else will people risk death and slavery just to get to Europe?

It’s difficult to pinpoint where Nigeria went wrong, but not much has been done right in recent decades. I understand why Nigerians leave Nigeria. They just want a chance at a better life. Believe it or not, other countries offer that chance even if it is not guaranteed.


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