Why men cheat


It’s hard to deal with a partner who cheats, especially when it’s glaring.
You may find it easier to forgive tons of mistakes but wrapping your head
around the fact that your partner is in an on-going, long term relationship
with someone else is devastating. There is no simple reason why men cheat;
every case is peculiar. If you are in fear that your boyfriend or husband
is cheating, or you’ve just dumped his cheating ass but you still want a
logical example as to why men cheat, you might want to know how some men I have spoken with rationalized their decision.

Some men cheat because they believe that men are not supposed to be
monogamous. It has been registered on their subconscious that they are not meant to be sexually involved with only one person. Most men will emphasize that were polygamous throughout history and that they just became monogamous in the recent times due to social pressure and other factors.

This is what a guy I spoke with had to say.

“Men are polygamous in nature, that’s how it has been since that’s how we are wired. One woman cannot even satisfy a man’s sexual needs, she will eventually get tired that’s why we need variety. I can’t just be with one woman even if I love her and honestly, it’s hard for every man too. We tend to fall in love with what we see.  We see an attractive lady, we want her, and this is why we keep wanting more than one woman. Other men may not admit to this fact but this doesn’t mean that those men don’t experience these feelings.”

This man said he cheated because on his wife because she constantly refuses to have sex with him.

“I wouldn’t have cheated on my wife just like that but I was pushed.  My
wife constantly refuses to have sex with me, and if she eventually does
after I have begged and persuaded her, she just lays down numb on the bed, uninterested, and allows me to use her. How can I be making love to my wife, the woman I love and then she makes me feel unwanted by her? That’s cruel and unfair. We’ve been together for ten years and this has been her repeated attitude towards sex. I tried to talk to her severally but
everything I said seemed to have been falling on deaf ears. I even tried to
improve my skills in the bedroom, hoping it will help but it didn’t change
anything. I have been feeling emasculated over the years and since she
continued that way, I stopped bordering her and started pursuing other

Some men say they didn’t want to but they got seduced and fell. A guy, who slept with his girlfriend’s sister, whom allegedly seduced him, had this to say.

”My girlfriend’s sister is very beautiful and has an incredible body. I’ve
always found her attractive but I knew my limits. She came to stay with my girlfriend and i for a while. She always wears revealing, sexy clothing.
One day, we stayed home drinking, my girlfriend slept off on the couch and her sister made her first move. She walked to where I was seated, arched her  butt to my face pretending to pick up the remote control, after she changed the channel,  she turned towards me and bent down till I could see her breast flashing through her insanely opened v-neck shirt, then she dropped the remote on the couch I was seated on. I tried to take my wondering eyes off but she caught me. We pretended nothing happened afterwards. She stated making more pronounced advances towards, one would think my girlfriend will notice but she didn’t. One day she asked me to help cuddle her, saying she misses her husband’s touch and I fell for it.
She gave me a long story about how she never sees her husband anymore and just wants physical comfort. I was hoping that I read too much meaning to this, because I didn’t want to believe she wanted an affair with me. I got aroused (obviously) as e cuddled and before I knew it she grabbed my winner and before I knew it we had sex. I felt guilty and told her we should never do this again. Weeks after, she wanted me to help her with something in her room. While I was there trying to figure out what she wanted me to do, I turned and to my surprise she was completely naked. I couldn’t help but admire her, before I knew it, we did it again. After that, all bets were off; we began to have an affair. ”

Some other guy said he just wanted to get back at his partner for something she had done to him in the past.

Another guy said he just wanted to get rid of his girlfriend.

“She wasn’t getting the point; I wanted her to leave me. The only way I
believe she would leave me is if I started seeing someone else. Now I am in a relationship with the both of them.” Get rid of them

This guy revealed that his girlfriend doesn’t have all the qualities he
wants in a partner.

If you are reading this article because your boyfriend or your husband
cheated on you for reasons unclear to you; relax. It’s probably not your
fault. Half the time it’s never your fault.


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