Why I remixed Ebenezer Obey’s Pele Pele song


Seyi Sodimu, the Nigerian born International artiste now based in Nigeria, has just released a brand new single entitled Pele Pele, which is a re-make of Ebenezer Obey’s Ore Mi Se Pele Pele. Seyi, who is one of the pioneers of the new Nigerian music sound, has been absent from the music scene for a while to pursue other business ventures, including real estate, fashion, automotives, and many others.

His last single, Gbedu was released two years ago. Seyi’s style of music is called Afro-soul which is a fusion of African music, soul and high-life. His style is termed adult contemporary and is geared towards a mature crowd while at the same time appealing to the youth and the masses. This new single is the first in a series, and subsequent singles will follow to mark his return to the Nigerian music scene. The new single is bound to be a big hit from all indications. The video was directed and shot by Sesan Ogunro of Film Factory in a serene location in London. On this project, Seyi Sodimu worked with master producer, Shizzi (Seyi Akerele) and Bankulli of Bankulli Entertainment for A&R and director of the whole project.

You’ve been away from the music industry for a long time, what have you been up to?

I decided to take some time off to focus my energy on building a business empire. So, I have been investing and establishing several businesses,  including a fashion line in the US, real estate development in Nigeria, sale of automobiles and as well as raising my kids. But throughout all this time I am still involved in entertainment in the background, finding new talents and investing in established artistes. And I never stopped recording songs.

Your new single is a re-make of Ebenezer Obey’s song, what influenced the decision?

The remake of the song by Ebenezer Obey has always been one of my favourite songs of all time, because of the message and the melody. I love highlife and juju music. And Ebenezer Obey is my favourite Nigerian artiste. I love his music, his lyrics and his compositions are evergreen. I am blessed to be related to him and he gave me his blessing and encouragement when I visited him recently in Abeokuta, Ogun State to take his permission. He is like a father to me. I must say we are really close.

After this song, what’s next?

Like I said, all through the years I never stopped recording. So, I have plans to keep my unique style of music and I’m working with a very good team in Bankulli Entertainment and with the likes of Shizzi (Seyi Akerele) to produce some of my new materials. It is time to take my place in Africa’s music movement.

How would you describe the growth of the music industry now compared to when you started?

The music industry in Nigeria and Africa has grown tremendously in the last six years, and the structure is still not there yet, but the talent, the media and the people of Nigeria have decided to take music seriously, which I have always advocated all along. There is still some work to be done, but social media has played a very vital role in music growth in Nigeria. I want to applaud the big companies like the telecom companies, banks and others who have invested heavily in music and I urge both federal and state governments follow.


Now that you are back to music, what do you really want to achieve?

I will like to take my place as one of the pioneers of the new sound of Nigerian music. And to continue to produce and record great music and leave the rest to God.

Tell us more about your family?

I am married to a beautiful Nigerian woman from Ondo state and I am blessed with two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. We are a very close and happy family.

What’s your wife and kids doing?

My wife is an entrepreneur. She runs a group of schools. She is also a co-founder of the Alicemay Hope Foundation which is a NGO devoted to educating women and female children in impoverished areas, alongside my daughter. My children are in school in the United States.

Why are you in Nigeria when they are in abroad?

My wife and I live in Nigeria, while my kids are abroad due to school. However, they both come to Nigeria every holiday.

In what way has your family supported your career?

They have been very supportive from the very beginning. My wife has been very understanding. She understands the nature of the business. She never fails to give me her support, especially on this new project. My kids are my number one fans. My daughter has been very helpful to me also, especially in the studio. She is a very talented song writer and sings backup on a lot of the tracks.

Will you say music has favoured you?

Yes, music, to me has been a blessing because the name, Seyi Sodimu will be a permanent imprint in the Nigerian Music Industry, because I believe I was one of the pioneers of the new Nigerian sound with Love Me Jeje. Music has also given me an outlet to talk about current issues as well as things I care about. It also allows me to reach and impact people’s lives.

What’s your greatest regret as a music star?

I have no regret. I am truly blessed. I believe everything happens for a reason, and God has ordered my steps. I’ve always done my best in everything that I set out to do.


Source: Rasheed Abubakar http://encomium.ng/love-me-jeje-crooner-seyi-sodimu-speaks-on-career-and-family/


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