One of the practices that banks in general embark on is the sponsor of their staff for tours around major prisons. Although this may not be a routine escort ion, but once in the career of a banker there is always the need to take a tour around prison or police cell facilities.

The prison escort ion evokes a sober and emotional reflection on the journey so far in the career of any bank worker. Unlike conventional tours, prison tours does not have this “fun sightseeing” potential because it places one in a sober reflection mode.

But why do banks go for prison tours in the first place? There could be many answers to this as there could be many “risks” in the profession. Every endeavor by all humans have its measure of risk and potential hazards. Banking as a profession have had its fair share of risk and hazards over the years.

Banking career is a job that places one in position to be in custody of huge sum of money, these funds could be owned by individuals, corporations, government agencies, business men, organizations and the list can go on….. . One word that ensures the sanctity of the safety of people’s investment and savings in banks is “integrity”.

Integrity goes beyond that of an individual or the workforce, safety has everything to do with the integrity of the “system”. When the entire system is corrupt, there is a great danger to the longevity of the system.

In recent memories, we have been inundated by the obnoxious acts of total neglect to “integrity” by rogue bank CEOs. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) wade into the situation by either sacking, replacing and prosecuting perpetuators of financial crime in the banking sector, especially at the management level.

The vulnerability to fraud in the banking profession varies, “everyone have a price” is popular adage. Once the price tag on an individual is paid, anything can happen. That is why two witnesses is always better than one, being alone in tempting situations can be dangerous.

The bridge between the banking hall and prison yard or police cell is not that wide. That is why one must maintain his integrity towards handling financial matters. Some bankers have ended up in jail for fraud related cases, while a handful of others got arrested on duty.

It does not matter the level bank employees operate from, this menace can hit anyone so hard. From the cleaner to the bank managing director, there is always a price that could compel one to act rashly. It is in view of these facts that once in a while employees of banks are made to tour police cells and prison yards so they could see firsthand their fate if they succumb to the temptation of fraud.

Some mischievous aspiring bankers may be thinking “getting there” will open a way for quick cash flow, many that taught so ended up in prison. One must know that being in position to safeguard people’s money requires a lot of integrity and transparency.

There is a fast rule of thumb in this industry, and that is “trust no one, not even yourself”. This is because everyone got a price!

Culled from: http://www.financialwatchngr.com/2015/11/24/why-do-banks-sponsor-employees-for-prison-tour/


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