Who to blame for man’s suffering: Adam, Eve or the serpent?


According to the Bible, in the Book of Genesis chapter 3, God, after creating Adam and Eve, placed them in the garden called “Eden”. God gave them dominion over everything in the garden – the animals, trees, fruits etc. But God forbade them from eating from a particular tree which is known today as the “forbidden fruit.” “And the Lord God commanded the man saying – of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat. But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day thou eatest, thou shalt surely die” (Genesis 2:16 -17).  The Bible tells that the forbidden fruit was however consumed by both Adam and Eve, thereby negating the instruction of their maker.

According to the account, the serpent is said to be the animal who planted the thought of disobedience in the heart of Eve who tasted the fruit and transferred to her husband, Adam.

When God question Adam why he disobeyed, Adam blamed Eve; Eve in turn blamed the serpent. The trio got their fair share of curses from their maker; but it seemed it became hereditary.

The serpent was condemned to walk on its belly and eat dust all its life. Eve was awarded painful conception and laborious delivery. While Adam would work in sorrow to eat, the ground was cursed for Adam’s sake, and he was sentenced to a life of sweaty strife till he returns to the ground from where he was formed.

Many theological scholars have argued that, had Adam not tasted of the forbidden fruit, man would have had the ability of immortality; man would have still had his abode in the Garden of Eden; man and wild animals would live harmoniously, without fear of being preyed upon; man would not need to labour to eat; all things would have been given to man from above; natural and man-made disasters would not have found its place in the life of man, etc.

Others however opined that the Biblical fall of man, was predestined. In their argument, the theologians and other debaters stated that God, being omniscience and omnipotent, had prior knowledge of the eventual disobedience of man; in fact, it was God’s original plan that things would happen the way they did.

Today, man labour to eat, drink, and live; man sweats in his quest for survival, man virtually labours to get anything done. The woman spends about nine months in excruciating heaviness, housing a human being in her stomach. The delivery process is not any easier, as the woman labours to deliver. This has been from time, and has not changed.

Some people believe that the pain (physical, mental, psychological, emotional…) of man (human being) today is because of the sin committed by the trio (Adam, Eve and the serpent) in the Garden of Eden.

However, while some conveniently plant the blame on Adam, others believe Eve is to blame. Some finger the serpent; while others plant the complicity on the trio.

In our quest for opinions on the controversial subject, our correspondents sampled some thoughts from our respondents. Responses below:

“I think Adam is to blame; because he was made the head of the woman, and the woman was created for him. So ultimately, it was his decisions and choices that mattered. Everything would have been okay, if Adam had refused the fruit even after Eve had already eaten from it.” – Okey

 “I think God knew they will eat the fruit; just how he knew Judas would betray Jesus; so I blame none of them.” – Stanley

“The blame should go to Adam. Eve ate and nothing happened; things changed when Adam consumed the fruit.” – G. James

“I blame all of them! God created all things and placed a law. The law brought about sin. The serpent took advantage of the law and deceived them. Then Adam was such a weakling for accepting the idea of being equal with God. Eve was being gullible enough to believe the devil. They were all willing to do the same thing that made Lucifer to lose his place in heaven: trying to take authority away from God. For us today, every time we try to do the same thing (take authority from God), we suffer just as much. However, I suppose with God, it was predestined so.” – U. Sizzle

“For me, I will blame Eve for falling for the trick of the serpent. A woman should stand on her words; that is why women do all kinds of things today and blame it on Eve. I will also blame Adam because he could have rejected the fruit when it was brought to him. Finally, whatever happened was for the Scriptures to be fulfilled.” – Sam Ojo

“I think we should blame ourselves for whatever suffering that we find ourselves. Adam and Eve were told not to eat a particular fruit but they disobeyed. It is the same thing and even worse with us today: we are told not to commit adultery and fornication; how many of us do keep that commandment? Satan is always available for temptation, which is his duty. – Chigo N.

“I blame no one; they were only acting out the script, as written by God himself. God, being who He is, knew what would happen; He allowed it because if they had not eaten it, there wouldn’t have been any need for Jesus to die on the cross for our redemption. – Lizzy Odion.

“It is certainly Adam! If you read the book of Romans chapter 5:9, the Bible stated that by one man ‘Adam’, through his disobedience brought sin (which brought suffering) into the world.” – Bayano.

“God demands total obedience and wholly adherence to his commands. Our first parents wilfully disobeyed and the result of their action is still experienced till date. King Solomon said in the book of Ecclesiastics 1:9 ‘that which has been is that which shall be’. The Garden of Eden is still with us today; Adam, Eve, the serpent and the forbidden tree are all staring at us in the face. Our free will still comes to play. Jesus came to restore us to the garden; surely it is those who out of their own volition chose life that will be restored.” – Jedom Inem.

“Some people have asked why God put the tree in the garden. I want all to know that all God created is good and perfect. ALL the trees in the garden were good; none was evil; it was simply a test of obedience to man in order to bring out the best in man. The simple instruction given to Adam was to connect to his creator, such that whenever he sees the tree, he’d remember God.

“A woman is not evil, but God says don’t fornicate. If you sleep with her when you are not married to her, you have disobeyed and the act becomes evil, just like the evil tree.

“Advice for couples – try as much as possible to take your wife along with you when a job  takes you far away from your present place to live for a long time. This is to prevent the devil from gaining access into your homes. This is what happened to Adam and Eve: the devil targeted when Adam was not around to launch the attack, knowing full well that the woman was the weaker vessel. This was after he had failed in his attempt to convince Adam to eat the fruit. However, because Adam so much loved his wife, Eve, he couldn’t reject the fruit from her.

“This tells us that we should never idolise God’s blessings because they can serve as traps to us in our life’s race. My only puzzle is what if Adam had refused to accept the fruit from Eve, making Eve the only one that ate the fruit, what would have happened to Eve?” – Adeniyi A.

“Eve should be blamed. She was weak and susceptible to the serpent’s temptation. She also in her feigned innocuous nature induced Adam to eat a fruit that had been pronounced sacrilegious to them. The same thing still happens today, some women plant evil seeds in the hearts of men and set men against each other. Some women out of their insatiable need push men to commit crimes.” – Igbinoba Gabriel.

“I think the story of the Garden of Eden is an illustration of the result of disobedience to God. I do believe that the suffering of man today is caused by man and not an Adam, Eve or serpent.” – Destiny O.

“If we were to be in their shoes, we would have done worse, so I blame nobody” – Temi.

“Adam and Eve had free will and with their free will, they brought curse upon themselves and their offspring of which we are. But Jesus came and saved us from the curse. So I believe we are responsible for our present-day sufferings.” Jennifer Okolie.

“I would put the blame on Adam for getting carried away by the words of a woman who was subject to him. It is still so today, as some women still push men to commit serious blunders and end up in trouble.” – Godday E.

“Adam should be the one to blame. My reason is simple – because he placed the words of his wife above that of God. He pleased his wife and disobeyed God.” – Mercy Oni.

“They made their choices and paid for it. We still have the same chance to make our own choices today.” – Oluchi.


  1. The greatest enemy of mankind is not the devil nor some sort of spirits, it is our CHOICE. choice defines our conduct and obedience to the word of God. Adam and Eve chose to eat from the tree; they still would have chose not to eat it. In this regard, they are all to be blamed for their disobedience which let them to the path of destruction.

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  3. Yes By Then All Of Them Should Be Blamed, But Today They Are No More Though Things Are Representing Them In Our Lives Like Choices And Decisions I Want Believe That There Are People’s Who’s Trying Their Best To Obeying God, So Any One That Fails To Obeying God After Jesus Had Restored Us to God From The Sin Of Adam, Eve And Serpent The Person Have His/ Her Self To Blame


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