What to Eat to Make Your Skin Glow


As the saying goes “you are what you eat.” As much as you can invest in skin care products and facials, there are certain foods to eat and certain foods to avoid if you are looking for a perfect skin. Your skin is a reflection of your overall health, so if you maintain a healthy diet it will reflect on your skin. If you try this, you will see that this is not just a scientific claim as it will evidently reflect on you.

1. Celery Juice

Celery juice is the ultimate detox drink. The celery has anti-inflammatory properties and resets the stomach’s hydrochloric acid. Celery juice has the ability to starve viruses, bacteria, and mold in the body. Starving these ailments can lead to a healthier gut, reduced cravings, and overall glowing skin.

Take celery juice on an empty stomach everyday for 30 days for results to be realized.

2. Fatty Fish

Salmon and other fatty fish hydrate your cells on the molecular level. The omega-3s and other oils are nothing your body can produce on its own. The oils translate to hydrated and nourished skin.

Certain dermatologists recommend having fatty fish 3-4 times a week if you suffer from acne.

3. Cilantro

Cilantro, like celery, is a detoxifying food. Cilantro cleans the blood and purifies stomach ailments. Adding fresh cilantro to your meals can balance grease and animal fats.

For truly clear skin, add some cilantro to your meals for a healthy blood detox.

4. Turmeric

This is highly anti-inflammatory. It can be used in face masks to calm redness and any inflammation. It can also be used to tackle skin trouble, treat uneven skin tone, heal cracked feet, prevent hair fall and even help you get rid of dandruff.

5. Oranges

Vitamin C is a key ingredient in a good skin routine, and in a generally healthy diet. Vitamin C has been shown in studies to reduce wrinkles and fight free radicals from penetrating the skin.

Eating oranges as a snack helps refresh the skin with a boost of Vitamin C.

6. Avocado

Like fatty fish, avocado is an essential carrier of omega-3 fatty acids. Avocado is a key component of many face and hair masks, and for good reason. The oils in avocado are extremely nourishing for skin and hair.


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