We’re ready for your debate, Reps reply Ezekwesili


Following Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili’s claim that the country spends a whooping sum of N1trillion yearly on federal lawmakers and her subsequent call on the lawmakers to hold a public hearing on her allegations, the House of Representatives has stated its readiness to face Nigerians over the claim, saying the former education minister was merely seeking attention.

The Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Publicity, Hon. Afam Ogene, in a statement issued yesterday, accepted Ezekwesili’s challenge, saying the ex-minister was merely peddling lies.

 “There appears to be no let-up in the crave by former Education Minister, Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili, to get back into national consciousness, simply by randomly throwing potshots anchored on misplaced aggression, in the ardent hope that such mudslinging would elevate her to the status of a moral crusader.

“As an institution, we ought not to be responding to the tirades of Mrs. Ezekwesili, especially as they are anchored on wrong deployment of figures, weird generalizations and outright falsehood.

“As elected representatives, we owe it a duty to the Nigerian people to always seek to conduct our affairs in an atmosphere of openness, candor and a fidelity to the truth.

“Indeed, if there is any point we are agreed upon with Mrs. Ezekwesili, or anyone else for that matter, it is the promotion of transparency in governance and ensuring that democratic institutions of state, function optimally for the benefit of all,” the statement reads.

He also challenged the former vice president of the World Bank to provide evidence of her claims.


  1. I dnt think Mrs Ezekwesili would be lying that our lawmakers are the highest paid in the world because she was once a member of the law making body. The only plea is that our lawmakers should consider the plight of the ordinary Nigerian.

  2. Whether she is seeking attention or not, she has brought to light the evils perpetrated by our legislature at the expense of the people. Piling up wealth for themselves in the name of sitting and law-making while the people suffer.

  3. Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili would have pointed out this maladministration while she was still in the system. Why now? Or is it because she is no longer benefiting, she now want to fight for Nigerians.

  4. Nigerians are ready to listen to the lies our lawmakers have to tell us in the name of Public hearing. Enough of their deception.


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