We Must Think Nigeria!


Our world is changing, we are faced with too many problems. Africa is still very underdeveloped because of lack of patriotism and loyalty to one’s nation. We must change that mentality where we feel leadership positions are meant to steal money.

The time has come for all and sundry, irrespective of creed, tribe or political affiliation to come together and make Nigeria workable.
Today, we are in dire need of men of integrity, people of impeccable character. Charismatic personalities who can  turn things for the better. We need people who understand what is takes to shape Nigeria.
Corruption and inequality has taken the centre stage. Our people can no longer buy from marketers. The suppose rich and poor class syndrome has destroyed us badly. The elites feel the less privileged should remain at their present state while they worship them like lords. Even feeding is seen as a luxury and only meant for the rich. Our people can not feed and even if they get to feed the meals are malnourished.
We must rise up to the challenge of putting our people first. Nigeria is faced with the problem of unemployment, our children are roaming the streets without a means of livelihood. What are we doing to solve this problem? Everyday students are graduate from schools, what measures are we putting in place to employ them?
Are we producing a group of leaders who are concern about their welfare, stomach and that of their family? The time has come for us to understand that Nigerians are suffering. Our Health-care is in shambles, no good water, bad roads, poor education system, poor power supply, high cost of houses for our people. What are we doing to tackle these problems? What contributions are we making to solve the challenges in the country?
We must think Nigeria, we must change our mindset. Nigeria is all of us. If we must move forward, we must think about the lowly heard  in the society. Pensioners are dying as a result of no pensions. Are we saying it is a crime to serve one’s nation diligently? I call it an act of wickedness and injustice to starve our pensioners of due entitlement.
The Nigeria economy is badly damaged. What are we doing to restructure our economy? Inflation has taken over our markets. Low standard products are seen all over the place. The solution is to encourage our local manufacturers. The solution is to develop and empower people who are idealistic and innovative. Until we develop and encourage our own, our economy would never grow.
The major problem we have in the country is the over reliance on oil. When we had no oil we focused on Agriculture and it sustained our economy. States and government must look beyond oil. There is no state in Nigeria that does not have solid mineral potential. States can no longer pay workers salary because they are too busy looking for free money. The time has come for the Nigeria people to demand for quality representation. I see no reason why we can not pay workers. How do we expect them to feed? Are we encouraging stealing or we are curbing crime? A man who works for thirty days and has his family to carter for  is bound to have the tendency to steal.
Why are we neglecting the poor? Why are we busy concentrating on  elephant projects when we can we focus on empowering our local entrepreneurs? The earlier we  change the mentality that we need foreign investors to develop Nigeria the better. As a people we can make Nigeria bigger and better.
Leaders must focus on industrialization rather than venturing into projects that would put their states in debts that would mortgage the future of their citizens.
Until we think Nigeria and show patriotism we will never be able to the win war against poverty, corruption and stagnation as a nation.
Prince Thomas Abi Jr.


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