We Have Been Waiting On You Since Friday Like Jesus



Twitter followers of a man identified as just Tolulope @Tolusaba on twitter; the man who predicted the result of Nigeria against Iceland, and accurately said it is the same person that will score the two goals as seen in the dream he had, have gone haywire.


“Nigeria is going to play Iceland 2-0. At least that’s what my dream said. I’m not sure who won but the same person scored both goals.”


One of his twitter followers identified as Feddee said they have endlessly been waiting on him like a sort of saviour. In his tweet, he said: “Baba, we’ve been waiting on you since Friday like Jesus. Now is not the time, ejoor.” After his prediction turned out to be precise, his fan base drastically skyrocketed.


However, the pressure has not been easy for him to handle, with few hours to the match against Argentina; many people’s impatience has grown. Some of his followers have turned on the notification settings to receive updates of his tweet, but Tolulope is not ready to predict this time around, or he is being cautious of predicting wrongly not with the huge numbers of followership and the momentum he has to sustain from the last game prediction.


Expressing how pressurized he feels, Tolulope said: “I wish I could say something but now I don’t know if what I heard was the voice of God of a manifestation of the external pressure I’m under. Regardless, I don’t want to say something wrong because I know if I lost 5 million because of some boy, I’d break his head. And see, the thing is… I kind of like my head unbroken.”


Some other followers have responded to his tweet, some favourable and some unpleasant  comments. Read some of the responses below:

“See bro the thing is that Forget the Fear and Say it jejely Nobody go kill u But if u don’t say it and the match maybe mistakenly Nigeria win they will come after u for not saying it and if we lose they will still come after u for not say it so just spit it out now

Better you keep quite than saying any negative result

the guy na fake jare. How him no go fit recognize the voice again. Iffa hear.

“No excuses bro… i have been visiting your timeline for a better part of the day. Just tell us what you saw”


“ Hahaha ahhh omolomo better don’t say anything”


“For those of us that followed you because you said something last week, #BabgaSha just go to bed now so you can say something later”



Brother no fall hands oo. Consider what happened to the pig”



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