Violence grows in South Sudan as aid workers, patients bolt into wilderness


In spite of the ceasefire agreement reached between the parties- the government of South Sudan and the rebels- in the conflict, violence grows steadily in the African country.

Aid workers have taken shelter in bushes, and patients have scampered into the wilderness for safety.

Medical Charity said, “Hundreds of aid workers and patients scuttled into the wilderness to escape escalating violence in South Sudan”.

Doctors Without Borders also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres, said its 30 staff members in Unity State went into hiding, taking the most severely injured patients from a local hospital along.

The organization said, “Other patients who were well enough to leave on their own accord also fled. There are no longer any patients or staff left.”

The workers were among about 240 people who escaped into the bush.

Raphael Gorgeu, head of mission for MSF, said, “In the past three days, the situation became too unstable and the only way to provide medical care was to take patients out of the hospital and to flee with the population into the bush.”

“MSF is extremely worried for the safety and wellbeing of its staff members and patients,” he added.


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