Valentine’s Day! What Nigerian celebrities have to say


Here is what some Nigerian celebrities have to say about this day that is celebrated as a day for lovers.

Sammie Okposo: Nigerian Pop-gospel artiste says he celebrates Valentine’s Day like every other day. For him and his wife every day is Valentine. He said, “As long as we are together, nothing else matters. It is all about spending time together. It is not about one day which the world has labeled Lovers’ or Valentine’s Day. Every day is Valentine for me and my wife. I do not wait for February 14 of every year to show my wife that I love and appreciate her. For me, Valentine’s Day is not a big deal. I love, cherish and appreciate my wife every day”.

Ill Bliss: Nigerian top rapper says he will be having a private candle light dinner with his wife today. He also says he has bought her a gift already in the spirit of the celebrations. He adds that it is a special day to share love with his inamorata.

Lara George: Foremost Nigerian female artiste says her most memorable Valentine’s gift was a set of rings her husband bought her to replace her initial wedding rings. She urges couples to celebrate each other every day for Valentine should be celebrated every day between couples. It is a fun day.


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