Tinubu, Atiku, Write Obi

Peter Obi
Peter Obi

Dear Mr. Obi.

It is most expected in sane clime to have this kind of comradery communication. It might sound strange and never seen before, however, things begin in a day and habit equally forms in one day too.

It is obvious your Excellency, even the blind and the deaf see and hear the many weird stories of insecurity, hunger and corruption that on daily basis make headlines on daily newspapers.

We too are not insensitive to all these, the reason we have put up ourselves to serve and rescue Nigeria from this rot.

As much as we are politicians, campaigning for the most important position in this country, we are not unaware of our various strengths and weaknesses.

We are human, gifted differently too.

With the recent attacks at Kuje correctional Centre, the release of the many Boko Haram prisoners and the attack on the convoy of Mr President, it becomes very clear the need for us to tell ourselves the bitter truth, concerning our country, especially when nothing meaningful has been done to reassure helpless Nigerians that the country is neither on the edge or on a dangerous cliff that would see Nigeria and Nigerians at the very base of a pit by just a push.

Having seen all these ,going further to play politics with the health of this ailing nation would be at best description, the most unpatriotic act by anyone.

To say the least your Excellency, posterity wouldn’t forgive whoever that either aids or abates such.

As you all know, leading this country has been the life ambition of two us. What happened during the primaries of APC and PDP clearly showed the desperation in us to achieve this goal no matter whose ox is gored. It was game for the deep pockets, and the gullibility of the delegates was not in doubt.

The truth is Nigeria wouldn’t get any better if we continue in this manner of bussines as usual.

Having clinched these tickets of becoming the flag bearers of APC and PDP in the 2023 election, if nothing is done in planning for the future of this country, we would all be in a vicious circle no matter who wins APC or PDP.

To say we are not mindful of the Obidient revolution going on ,expecially on social media may sound so pedestrian.

There is a massive mobilisation for the candidacy of you, Mr Peter Obi. Surprisingly ,the Train is moving at a very high momentum even when you give no “shi shi”.

The message is clear anybody that plays around it , in a second fiddle manner does so at his peril.

However, we must put up spurious propaganda to water them down, even when we know deep down its genuineness. Politics!! That is how it is played here!!

We congratulate you , your Excellency Mr Peter Obi. You have done well for yourself again and your desire to rule this country is at best without ulterior motive.

Closely, we have watched you, your antecedents and the way and manner you have so far conducted yourself, trying to get some dents and dirty things linked to you, would be easier getting a tiny pin in a hay sack than get skeleton in your cardboard.

Today, you have gone one step ahead to nominated Dr. Datti as your running mate. What a square peg in a square hole. We congratulate you, no better choice would have been seen in any other.

Truth be said, you are a better candidate , your vision and passion for a better Nigeria cannot be faulted. But as Nigerians, politics must be played, dirty too! So be ready.

Your recent interview on Arise television was top-notch . You showed as usual, a very deep grasp of the very challenges of our problem as a nation and the will power to fix it. Anybody who watched that clip would if he means well for Nigeria trump up ones chest and say, indeed, in Obi is the solution.

We know you will win, baring rigging , but paraventure it turns out as usual and APC orPDP wins, be sure of running a coalition government with either of the parties . Nigeria can’t afford to miss your breed this time.

You are good! Well prepared for this job, but the depth of corruption too humongous to allow for free and fair.

You are good Mr Obi, but the ballots will determine who gets the crown.

We wish you well!


This undoubtedly is what goes on in the minds of Atiku and Tinubu. Will ego allow them to express it?

Let us call a spade a spade not some kind of farming implement. To those who have chosen to be tools of spreading ethnic and religious bad blood. Remember, insecurity, hunger, etc know no APC, PDP, LABOUR etc parties. Let us tell ourselves the truth and vote competence, integrity, vision, dedication etc not party, tribe or religion

Jarlath Opara

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