Thy name is impunity


THE poet, John Keats, said to his “Grecian Urn” in his “Ode”: “‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty, — that is all/Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know’”.

Now, Hardball is no poet.  But if he can be allowed some poetic licence, he will without flinching, tell the wailing, bad-tempered and hurting former federal ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), with due permission to ape the famous poet: “Brawn is impunity, impunity brawn, — that is all/Ye know in politics, and all ye need to know”!

Since the PDP murderous electoral muscling has been falling, like some tragic dominoes, particularly in Rivers and Akwa Ibom states, the brawny PDP has developed a Samson syndrome, making insane accusations, reckless allegations and tarring everyone  in its crazed sight — and foaming in the mouth to boot!  Power’s Delilah has brought Samson to grief — and the defanged superman of yore would be glad everyone perished with him!

Ah, the Yoruba are right!  In one of their endless wits, they often quip: the merry executioner  goes ga-ga with a mere swish of the sword near him!  So, it is with PDP.

In its heyday of untrammelled power, it made it clear it owed no one any apology however it mercilessly spurred the people — rule of law be damned!  Now in opposition, it hurriedly assumes — and wails! — everyone embraces power outlawry, as it did in its notorious days in government. PDP, impunity is all you know on earth, and all you need to know!

Take the Senate Rotimi Amaechi ministerial clearing drama, and compare (and contrast) to a similar clearing of Musiliu Obanikoro,  as minister again, in the final months of Goodluck Jonathan’s doomed presidency.

Obanikoro, as minister of state for Defence, had been indicted in sucking the Army into brazen partisanship to rig the Ekiti gubernatorial election of 2014, courtesy of the scandalous Ekiti audio tapes.  When the ruling PDP rode roughshod over the opposition in the Senate, the then opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) walked out of the red chamber.

Now, things have turned full circle — and it is PDP doing the walkout!  But that’s not even the story.  Amaechi, a minister-designate, has been accused of all sorts; but by a politicking local Rivers PDP, with a barely veiled motive to  unhorse who it rightly believes is its nemesis.  Hardly a crime!

But it becomes democratically criminal when the minority PDP believes its lie that its poisoned chalice, of partisan gore, was pure and wholesome; and swears it is either others drank from it or …

Excuse me!  Does PDP have the numbers to back its bluff?  Even if that sounds as a dictatorship of the majority — which  starkly, what democracy is, shorn of requisite morality and good faith — has PDP established the good faith of its own dubious crusade?

Notorious fact: Rivers PDP electoral conduct — maiming and killing people to “win” election — crossed the border of bad politics (which is bad enough) to out-and-out evil and brazen criminality.  This heinous criminality triggered the fresh anti-Amaechi campaign from the Rivers PDP.  Yet, PDP would throw tantrums because no one — outside its tragic and deluded camp — was convinced of the earnestness of its claim.

Lai Mohammed, PDP’s publicity nemesis, said it all: PDP, rebrand or die!  But how has PDP reacted?  With a rash of vulgar abuse and personal insults from Olisa ‘Janjaweed’ Metuh!

But Alhaji Lai wastes his breath.  Impunity is what PDP knows, and all — it thinks — it needs to know!

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