Things Most Men Fail To Notice About Their Women


Let’s face it, most men are just notoriously bad at paying attention to the smaller details about their women. Actually, it often happens not because they don’t really care, rather because they are not paying close attention to what might be going on. So, don’t be holding it against guys, but it is a true miracle they retain such information like what a girl’s face looks like today, let alone that new white shirt she is wearing somehow differs from that white shirt she was wearing day before. So, the authors of “signs she likes you but is scared” decided to put a list of 8 things women often get mad at men for not noticing them.


  1. Makeup changes

For sure, your boyfriend has seen you both with and without makeup. So, basically, that is pretty much all about you may expect him to notice. In case if you went to the store and purchased a brand new lipstick of a different shade or a new blush, it is highly unlikely your man is ever going to start speaking about it, probably because he won’t even notice it.


  1. New hairdo

Women constantly keep their focus on having the most beautiful hair, what, in fact, might easily take a lot of time and effort. No doubt, they want to look good for themselves and for their beloved men, and they actually want that thing to be recognized. Still, don’t be too surprised if your man just can’t see it even when you’re pointing it out or giving him a hint how your hair is frizzier today than yesterday.


  1. Blemishes

All females with no exception dream of having perfect skin that will be evenly toned in addition to blemish free. At the same time, that one might be a hell of a challenge and some women are then forced to struggle with scars and other blemishes until they disappear. However, this is good news that men actually accept their women’s temporary defects as a part of who they really are.


  1. A new purse

Purses and females always go hand-in-hand, but speaking of dudes, don’t you ever expect your boyfriend to notice that you’ve bought yourself a new red purse to replace your old blue one. The point is, to men, a purse is something holding in the needed stuff, and they don’t really notice its outer qualities much at all. That’s why, unless your man buys you that purse or if you show him the one you want, do not expect him to notice it.


  1. New shoes

New shoes are just another thing all girls expect their men to notice. Still, most guys don’t spend too much of their time looking at girl’s shoes. Getting a pair of new shoes is literally heavenly for a woman, but for a man, those aren’t typically worth speaking of, unless your man buys them for you.


  1. New jewelry

Again, for the vast majority of men, jewelry might only matter when it’s something special he has bought for you. If you spent hours at the mall looking for some specific pendant or a bracelet, don’t be expecting your other half to notice those. Despite all your hard work and efforts, jewelry is one of those things men usually fail to notice about their women.


  1. New home decor

Well, at actually depends on the man – he might or might not notice that new picture on the bedroom wall. Yet, in most cases, your man won’t even look at those decorative towels you’ve purchased for your bathroom or a set of new wall sconces you placed in your bedroom.


  1. No makeup at all

Women just never believe this one, but oftentimes men do not even notice their women not wearing makeup. For real, they really don’t. And after that, most of them often get yelled at for lying. Without a single doubt, this one is among worlds’ greatest mysteries.



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